Students will now retain UConn email addresses forever


Students will now be able be able to retain their UConn email addresses forever. Previously, accounts were available for only six months following graduation. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Students at the University of Connecticut will now retain access to their university email accounts indefinitely, according to University Information Technology Services (UITS).

In the past, UITS deleted student email accounts approximately six months after graduation.  

Beginning last semester, UITS confirmed that student accounts are now perpetual, “provided the recipient does not engage in behavior that violates the institutional acceptable use policy,” which is the same service agreement they must meet as students.

After frequent requests on behalf of both students and administration, Michael Mundrane, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, began to aggressively pursue the issue of email retention last year.

“There has long been an interest at an institutional level in maintaining a relationship with our graduates through a persistent email account, but there were policy issues that needed to be resolved and the scalable carrying expense for these accounts was once substantive from a systems and support level,” Mundrane said. 

Mundrane explained that, as these policy issues were addressed and the expense became feasible, it was much more practical to simultaneously satisfy both institutional and student desires.

When asked of the most frequently cited reasons graduates wish to keep their UConn accounts, Mundrane said, “some students wish to retain their UConn identity through their email account while others simply want to conveniently retain access to the current contents…some developed connections using their UConn address, and they want to make sure that these connections are not broken when they graduate.”

UITS is committed to offering, managing and evolving this service for UConn students and graduates alike.

“Generalized services that resonate with the community are priorities for [UITS] and we were delighted to evolve student email services to reflect student desires and an institutional Husky for life sentiment,” Mundrane said.

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