Letter to the Editor: Alums speak about campus protests following the election


Dear Editor,

My wife and I are both 1965 alums of the schools of Engineering and Education. We are both deeply disturbed and disappointed at the vitriolic reaction by students and faculty to the election of Donald Trump as our next president. Disagreement and discourse among people with differing political views is an essential part of our democracy but the protest that ignited around the country, especially on college campuses like UConn, is an affront to the 60,000,000 Americans who voted for Donald Trump. The election is over. There was a winner and a loser and if you don’t understand this now, you will have a rude awakening when you enter the workplace with your college degree and have to compete with other people for jobs and promotions and no one is going to give you a safe space if you are on the losing end. And one more thing for you to consider–we are a nation of laws and all of us are expected to obey these laws and not just the ones we agree with.

Bob Mastracchio
UConn Alum 1965

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