Comedian Adam Grabowski grabs audience with hilarious standup routine


SUBOG welcomed comedian Adam Grabowski to the UConn in the Student Union on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. Grabowski recently performed on America's Got Talent. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

SUBOG welcomed comedian Adam Grabowski to the UConn in the Student Union on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. Grabowski recently performed on America’s Got Talent. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

On Nov. 30th, SUBOG’s latest comedy act, Adam Grabowski, preformed his hilarious standup routine in the Student Union. Grabowski was recently seen on NBC’s reality competition, “America’s Got Talent” and was the 2015 National Comic of the Year. Grabowski has a lot of experience as a touring comedian, having preformed for over 500 colleges in 45 states. Grabowski’s spot on standup routine certainly stood up to the hype, but the initial energy of the audience made it difficult for his jokes to live up to their full potential.

The show opened with student comedian Scott Bosco. One highlight of Bosco’s performance was a pun about dishwashing machines, which successfully broke the ice for Adam Grabowski’s performance. Although Bosco himself was quite funny, a low energy audience affected the reception of his jokes. After Bosco left the stage, Adam Grabowski was announced and began his routine. Grabowski started his routine off with pop culture jokes about the creepiness of “Twilight” and how the houses in “Harry Potter” were like presidential candidates from the 2016 Election. Again, the audience was not very engaged with the comedian on stage, but Grabowski went to great lengths to encourage audience members to participate and laugh openly. His routine consisted of a lot of jokes about relationships, specifically how men and women act in relationships. Grabowski’s comedy was absolutely hilarious, and by this time in his routine he had the (previously unengaged) audience hanging on his every word. A highlight of his routine was his “food perv” segment, where he poked fun at the way some people react to delicious food. Another highlight was when Grabowski asked a volunteer what “I’m fine” meant and how men should react to this statement. The audience was roaring with laughter as he expertly replied to everything the audience member had to say.

After his routine, the show took a serious turn. Grabowski announced that he has been struggling with anxiety and depression, and that he wished to get rid of the stigma attached to talking about mental illness. He brought a friend of his on stage who also suffered from depression and anxiety, and he told the audience his story. Although it was not comedy, the audience listened intently and respectfully. Grabowski was giving out bracelets that say “#SayItAnyway” on the outside and “You’re Not Alone” on the inside, in an effort to let people know that they are not alone.

Grabowski then took the microphone back from his friend and began to tell jokes about Disney films to lighten the mood. After he had finished his routine, Grabowski gave away several t-shirts and slap on bracelets to audience members. Ryan McEvoy, a fifth-semester Resource Economics major, said “I thought he was funny and very engaging with the crowd.  He kept me laughing the entire time!” McEvoy’s response seemed to be representative of the energy of everyone who watched Adam Grabowski’s performance in the Union this passed Wednesday. Adam Grabowski and Scott Bosco put on a fantastic show, despite the low energy of the audience towards the beginning of the show.

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