Review: FroyoWorld’s Nitro Lab is a must


FroyoWorld's new ice cream, made in its Nitro Lab. The ice cream is paired with a bubbly waffle in this photo. (Chris Hanna/The Daily Campus)

FroyoWorld’s new ice cream, made in its Nitro Lab. The ice cream is paired with a bubbly waffle in this photo. (Chris Hanna/The Daily Campus)

I am a huge fan of all things dessert, whether it is frozen yogurt, ice cream, cookies, you name it. With a sweet tooth like mine, almost any type of dessert tastes good, so it takes something extremely special to wow me. However, FroyoWorld at Storrs Center may have done just that with their latest creation.

Recently, the frozen yogurt company began experimenting with a new dessert concept called “The Nitro Lab.” The idea is based off a similar experiment at Milkcraft Creamery in Fairfield, Connecticut, which has garnered rave reviews for its fantastic flavor and incredibly smooth ice cream.

This nitro lab at FroyoWorld allows customers to choose from numerous flavors of ice cream, ranging from vanilla to cookies and cream and more. Then, the ice cream is blended with liquid nitrogen in a completely safe reaction that extracts air bubbles from the ice cream and essentially gives the ice cream a perfectly creamy texture.

A big scoop of the nitrogen-infused ice cream is topped off with a warm bubbly waffle cone and the customer’s choice of the usual toppings for just $5.49. Alternatively, one can forego the bubbly waffle for additional scoops of the ice cream for $1.99 per extra scoop.

After I heard about the new concept from a friend who works at FroyoWorld, I just had to try it out for myself. I personally decided to keep it simple by choosing vanilla ice cream and topping off the ice cream with strawberry, mango and kiwi bobas, along with some Reese’s peanut butter cups. 

I also went with the bubbly waffle cone instead of the extra scoops of the ice cream. Going with the bubbly waffle was the best decision I made that night, as the warm cone complemented the ice cream very well. Each bite was an explosion of flavor of the smooth ice cream, bobas and warm waffle. The dessert was very filling too, and was a great value given how much one gets for the price.

While the concept is still in its infancy at FroyoWorld, the nitro lab is definitely worth a try if you visit the store in the future. You won’t regret it one bit, as it is about same price as a large cup of frozen yogurt and tastes incredible, leaving you clamoring for more.

I give FroyoWorld’s newest creation a 4.5 out of 5 for its innovation, fantastic flavor and excellent texture. On top of that, it has a decent price, giving me the impression that it could potentially be the optimal late night snack for the college student’s budget.

Chris Hanna is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets @realchrishanna

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