Injuries incurred from five-car pileup


Multiple people were involved in a multiple car pile-up on the intersection Storrs Road and Bishop Circle. Drivers incurred minor injuries and the crash is being investigated by Tolland Police. (Bailey Wright/The Daily Campus)

Several people incurred minor injuries following a five-car pileup on Nov. 29 at the intersection of Storrs Road and Bishop Circle.   

The accident occurred at approximately 4:17 p.m. when a vehicle driven by University of Connecticut student Felicia Francalangia rear-ended a vehicle being driven by Mary Coriarty.

Francalangia had been travelling northbound on Storrs Road behind Coriarty when she collided with the rear-end of Coriarty’s vehicle.

Francalangia proceeded to go around Coriarty’s vehicle and then collided with a car driven by Denise Parent, a UConn Human Development and Family Studies instructor, pushing Parent’s vehicle into the back of Samantha Stewart’s vehicle which then hit the rear end of Benjamin Davis’s car.

The three vehicles driven by Parent, Stewart and Davis had been stopped at the traffic light on Storrs Road.

Francalangia then backed up into the front end of Coriarty’s car and drove away from the scene.

Her vehicle was located by State Police and UConn Police in the Lower T parking lot off Towers Loop Road and she was transported to Windham Hospital for evaluation.

Stewart was also taken to Windham Hospital with minor injuries. It is also suspected that Davis may have incurred minor injuries, but he was not transported to the hospital.

Davis’s vehicle sustained minor damage to the rear end. Stewart’s car had minor front-end damage and heavy rear-end damage. Parent’s vehicle sustained heavy front-end damage and minor rear-end damage. Coriarty’s car had minor damage to the front and rear ends and Francalangia’s car had heavy damages on the front-end and minor rear-end damage.

Stewart’s and Parent’s vehicles were towed from the scene due to damages and Francalangia’s was towed from the parking lot.

The collision is currently under investigation by the Tolland State Police Department.

Anna Zarra Aldrich is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @ZarraAnna

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