4 Power Snacks to get you through finals week


Trailmix is just one of the many power snacks you can make without a kitchen to get you through finals week. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Common)

With finals week just a few days away students are filling out study sheets, rereading chapters and limiting social interactions in order to prepare for their exams. Aside from familiarizing yourself with the content you learned throughout the semester, it is also important to give your body the right nutrients to help you do your best next week. Rather than choosing an unhealthy snack, I’ve provided four simple recipes packed with essential vitamins and protein that anyone can make even without a kitchen.

Fruit & Nut Trail Mix
(Serves: 12)


  • Two-third cup chopped dried apricots
  • Two-third cup dried cranberries
  • Three-quarters cup roasted cashew nuts
  • Three-quarters cup shelled hazelnuts
  • Two-third cup shelled and halved Brazil nuts
  • Three-quarters cup slivered almonds
  • Three-quarters cup sunflower seeds
  • Three-quarters cup toasted pine nuts

Put all the ingredients into an airtight container, close the lid, and shake several times. Shake the container before each opening, then reseal.

Apple & Peanut Butter Sandwiches
(Serves: 4)


  • Two green crisp, sweet apples
  • Two red crisp, sweet apples
  • Juice of two lemons
  • A quarter chunky peanut butter
  • A quarter cup coarsely chopped dried cranberries
  • Two tablespoons sunflower seeds
  • Two tablespoons rolled oats
  • Half cup diced dried apricots
  • One-third cup coarsely chopped unbleached hazelnuts

Cut each apple into six slices, and then remove any seeds. Put the apple pieces into a bowl, add the lemon juice and turn to coat evenly to prevent discolorations

Drain the apples, place on a plate and spread each slice with peanut butter. Sprinkle half the slices with the cranberries, sunflower seeds, oats, apricots and hazelnuts

Cover with the remaining apple slices, peanut butter-side downward and press together to make fruity sandwiches.

Banana Flatbread Bites with Tahini & Date Syrup
(Serves: 4)


  • Four (eight-inch) whole-wheat tortillas
  • Quarter cup tahini
  • Three tablespoons date syrup
  • Four bananas, peeled

Place the tortillas one by one in the microwave, and warm for about 30 seconds.

Arrange the tortillas on a plate or paper towel, thinly spread each with the tahini, then drizzle with the date syrup. Add a whole banana to each tortilla, just a little off-center, and then roll up tightly.

Cut each tortilla into thick slices, secure the bites with a toothpick, and arrange on a plate.

Frozen Yogurt-Coated Berries
(Serves: 4)


  • One cup fat-free Greek-style yogurt
  • One tablespoon honey
  • One-quarter teaspoon natural vanilla extract
  • Three-quarters cup blueberries
  • One cup raspberries

Line three baking sheets that will fit in your freezer with nonstick parchment paper (use plates instead of baking sheets to fit into a mini fridge).

Put the yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract into a medium bowl and stir together. Drop a few blueberries into the yogurt, then use two forks to coat the berries in a thin layer of yogurt. Lift out, one berry at a time, draining off the excess yogurt and transfer to one of the lined sheets.

Continue dipping and coating until all the blueberries are on the baking sheet. Repeat with the raspberries. Freeze, uncovered, for two-three hours, until frozen hard.

Remove the berries from the baking sheets and pack into plastic bags or lidded plastic containers.

All recipes from the cooking book “Power Snacks 50: Super Healthy Snacks Packed with Nutrients.” Some modifications made to accommodate limited appliances.

Angie DeRosa is the life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at angelina.derosa@uconn.edu.  She tweets @theangiederosa.

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