LinkedIn releases top employment opportunities for 2016 college grads


The LinkedIn logo. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Creative Commons)

LinkedIn, the business and employment-oriented social networking site, recently announced the most popular companies for recent college graduates, as well as the most popular entry-level jobs and their median salaries.

“To create this list, we looked at the 10 most popular entry-level jobs and companies that 2016 college graduates went into in the U.S. based on LinkedIn profile data of millions of students,” Senior Product Manager for LinkedIn Students Kylan Nieh said. “Median salaries are the U.S. median of 0-1 year of experience for each role, as reported by LinkedIn salary.”

The companies that hired the most 2016 graduates in the nation include Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Amazon and Oracle. The most popular entry-level job positions include Account Manager, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Customer Service

Representative and Administrative Assistant, with salaries ranging from $35,000 to $80,000, according to a press release from LinkedIn.

Students at the University of Connecticut have access to LinkedIn and similar resources through the Center for Career Development in order to help them search internships and future jobs, as well as build professional connections.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 70 percent of jobs are a result of networking. Students can become part of this statistic by building their network early in their college career, according to the Center for Career Development website.

Students have been able to do this through LinkedIn, with UConn and its affiliates having multiple pages on the site, including an official UConn Alumni LinkedIn page. LinkedIn members can also search “UConn” to find UConn graduates and current students with whom they can make connections, according to the Center for Career Development’s website.

Some students feel that these features will be very helpful in their search for internships throughout their college career, and even for jobs post-graduation.

“Due to UConn’s excellent academic programs, graduating students are prepared for a successful career whether as an employee or intern. LinkedIn provides ma great way for alumni to find UConn students and offer them opportunities,” said first-semester Environmental Studies major Haley Sharlow.

LinkedIn gives UConn students and alumni the ability to foster and strengthen long-lasting professional relationships with each other, a quality that many students will look for when they begin their lives post-graduation, according to the Center for Career Development’s website.

“UConn nation is a strong community that continues far beyond the campus. I know the connections I’ve made with students here will last a lifetime, and LinkedIn has the ability to help me foster even more of those connections,” Sharlow said.

Gabriella Debenedictis is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at


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