International Students Roundtable: Where in the world should people visit?


This is the second of a two-part series written by UCAELI (University of Connecticut American English Language Institute) students here at UConn. In Part II, seven students in the afternoon content course “Connect with English” introduce one place anywhere in the world that they recommend UConn students and Mansfield community members should visit. Reader comments and suggestions are more than welcome and may be directed to the course instructor’s email at

UConn international students speak about the one place in the world that they would recommend for UConn students to visit. (Norman B. Leventhal Map Center/Flickr Creative Commons)

UConn international students speak about the one place in the world that they would recommend for UConn students to visit. (Norman B. Leventhal Map Center/Flickr Creative Commons)

Chongbo “Loyce” (China): I would like to introduce Times Square in New York City, which I visited during Thanksgiving Break. I visited Times Square at midnight and the amazing scenery shocked me deeply. All of the skyscrapers around me with colorful neon lights on were really amazing. This urban landscape gave me the same feeling of awe as seeing a natural landscape. It felt just like a dream.

Zhenyu “Jenny” (China): I would like to introduce my hometown, Wuhan, which is a city in China. Both the Yangtze River and the Han River flow through Wuhan, so the city is known as “Jiusheng Tongqu” (“the nine provinces’ leading thoroughfare”). Due to the significance of Wuhan for transportation, foreigners sometimes call Wuhan “the Chicago of China.”

Hee Seung (South Korea): The norae-bang (karaoke room) is one of the most popular places in South Korea. All people, from office workers to students, spend time there with others to reduce stress. The space of the room, the price and the installed equipment for convenience varies from place to place. If you need some practice before visiting a norae-bang with your friends, you can use the “coin norae-bang,” which has seats for only two people. You can practice three songs for only $1 there. I think “coin norae-bang” is a reasonable choice for people who want to spend only a short time singing.

If you visit any norae-bang in South Korea, you will always see a special remote control consisting of 10 buttons. So far, I have never used all of the buttons at a norae-bang. To save time and add amusement, Korean people usually skip the bridges of songs. This is a tacit rule. Therefore, do not be disappointed or embarrassed when your Korean friends skip your song’s bridge. However, if you mistakenly cancel the pre-reserved song of your friend, keep in mind that the atmosphere will become silent. If you get a chance, try to visit a norae-bang and have a good time with your friends.

Changgyoon (South Korea): If you have a chance to go to Manhattan, I recommend that you go to K-Town. It is located on Manhattan’s 32nd street. K-Town is a small Korea Town where you can enjoy some authentic Korean culture. There are lots of places to eat and have fun. If you like meat, I really recommend eating Korean BBQ. It is a very famous food in Korea and is delicious. There are also some bookstores and Korean karaoke (“norae-bang”). At the bookstores, you can buy Korean books and K-Pop albums. At the Korean karaoke, there are lots of rooms for you to enjoy singing with your friends.

Saad (Saudi Arabia): I would like to introduce my favorite city, Istanbul, which is in Turkey. There are many fun places in the city such as museums, great parks, beautiful beaches and the best restaurants. Also, the transportation is very cheap, especially when you use buses, trains and ships. The location of Istanbul is very special because it is located between two continents, Europe and Asia.

Yachun “Anne” (China): I want to introduce a place named Key West. This is the southernmost place in the U.S., located in Florida. It is a peaceful and beautiful island with clean, sandy beaches. If you get a chance, please visit there.

Haofeng “Michael” (China): I would like to introduce Hangzhou to you. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province in China. West Lake is the best-known attraction in Hangzhou. It is the fourth-largest city in China, which hosted the 11th G-20 Summit in 2016, and it was awarded the 2022 Asian Games. Hangzhou has a long history with more than 4,000 years of culture. Today it is an emerging technology hub and home to the E-commerce giant Alibaba.

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