Chasing Moonlight’s “We Are Strong” calls for unity before inauguration


The recently released song “We Are Strong” by the band Chasing Moonlight, which consists of University of Connecticut students, calls for unity in light of Donald Trump’s contentious inauguration.  

Chasing Moonlight members Zeke Hunter and Brett Steinberg began writing “We Are Strong” about a week and a half ago, Hunter said in an email.

“This song came to us pretty quickly,” Hunter said. “The current political climate is toxic and we really hate seeing how it seems to have brought out the worst in everybody. We wanted to write something that would help to heal the rift, and remind everyone to keep an open heart and an open mind to everybody, even those they disagree with.”

The band called for fans to submit videos of themselves singing the chorus of “We Are Strong” through its social media accounts, then incorporated these vocals into the last chorus in the song’s final version.

More than twenty fans submitted videos, according to Hunter.

“We had never given them (fans) an opportunity to get involved with our music in this way before, and we are so glad that they took us up on it,” Hunter said. “Their voices are beautiful, and we had people from all over the world submitting and sharing stories about their own struggles which, in turn, revealed to us just how important this song is at a time like this.”

Rapper WordSpit the ILLest, from America’s Got Talent, fame collaborated with Chasing Moonlight on “We Are Strong.” WordSpit the ILLest’s performance during the Bamboozle Break competition several years ago inspired Hunter and Steinberg to work with him, Hunter said.

“He and his band blew the roof off the place. Hunter said, “The crowd was crazy for him and we were impressed by his talent and commitment to his performance. It was as if the music was bursting out of him, like an energy that could not be contained.” “We sent him the song and by the next day he sent us a demo with him rapping which was perfect. WordSpit’s a wordsmith, and we are grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with him on this song.”

Chasing Moonlight produced a video for “We Are Strong.”

According to Hunter, “The video is powerful and draws attention to the parallels between the rifts we are seeing at home today with those of decades past here and all over the world. If you look back far enough, almost every kind of person has been persecuted, misunderstood, mistrusted, and left out. We cannot allow the political climate of today to continue that cycle.”

Steinberg and Hunter founded Chasing Moonlight during the summer of 2016 in New York City, Hunter said. They aspire to create music that “come[s] from a completely authentic place, with no presuppositions about what might sell or be popular.”

“We will be donating 75 percent of proceeds from the song to the UNICEF fund for the support of those affected by the Syrian crisis,” Hunter said.

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