Eight albums turning 10 this year


As if I didn’t already feel old because it’s my last semester and next Thursday I turn 22, I decided to really age myself and reminisce about the music I listened to in middle school, which turns 10 this year.

1. MGMT – “Oracular Spectacular”

This was MGMT’s first full-length album and really put them on the map. Today, singles from this album are still a classic pick for party playlists. During sleepovers with my friends, my older brother would come back to our house around 1 a.m. drunk and play “Electric Feel” for us because he was obsessed with the song. It was my first introduction to this band/album, and it’s quite fitting.

2. All Time Low – “So Wrong, It’s Right”

To be honest, this was the last album All Time Low made where they were actually good. I would listen to this album in my room nonstop in eighth grade to the point where I even painted lyrics on my bedroom wall from one of the songs from the album. (Sorry, Mom.) If I really want to feel sad about my age, all I have to do is turn on this album and belt the lyrics to “Six Feet Under The Stars.”

3. Cartel – “Self-Titled”

I specifically remember walking into FYE in a New Jersey mall while on vacation and begging my mom to buy this album for me the week it came out. (Hahaha, remember when we used to buy physical CDs?) Fortunately, she gave in and did. I played it on loop on our drive to Philadelphia. Also, throwback to when MTV featured them on a reality show called “Band in a Bubble” where they literally wrote and recorded this whole album in a bubble in New York City.

4. Cobra Starship – “¡Viva La Cobra!”

My profile song on MySpace for a good month was “The City is at War.” I almost died when I first found out that one of the songs on the album was named “Angie.” “Smile for the Paparazzi,” “Prostitution is the World’s Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)” and “Damn You Look Good and I’m drunk (Scandalous)” were classic hits to get me on my feet. It’s too bad they’re no longer together, but at least I can turn this album on and pretend it’s still 2007.

5. The Maine – “Stay Up, Get Down”

Now I know this technically is not an album, rather an EP, but I had to include it. Over the last decade these Arizona natives have continued to produce killer albums one right after another. I remember first discovering them after hearing the demo for “Count ‘Em One, Two, Three” on MySpace. Although their sound has changed completely, these songs are what started them off.

6. The Starting Line – “Direction”

Just this week, while looking through the photo archive, I found pictures from UConn’s 2007 spring concert with The Starting Line and was severely saddened that I couldn’t experience it. However, I did see them that year on tour with the All American Rejects for my first rock concert. This album brings me back to the days when TRL was on and MTV was still about the music.

7. Brighten – “King vs. Queen”

Seventh grade in a nutshell for me can be described with this album. “King vs. Queen” was Brighten’s debut album and it kills me inside that they’re (technically) not active anymore. This band would later mean so much to me that my first tattoo was dedicated to them.

8. Mayday Parade – “A Lesson in Romantics”

To this day I cannot listen to this album without experiencing a huge amount of feels toward my youth. Mayday Parade was the first band I ever saw in a small venue (Webster Theater in Hartford with We The Kings and Madina Lake in 2007). Afterward, I even got to meet frontman Derek Sanders and thank him for putting out an album that completely shaped my teenage years.

Angie DeRosa is the life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at angelina.derosa@uconn.edu.  She tweets @theangiederosa

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