The Bachelor: Weekly recap


Nick and Danielle L. ran into one of Nick’s ex-girlfriend’s on last night’s episode. (Screenshot/ABC)

Last night we all settled in for our favorite part of the week, The Bachelor (let’s be honest, it’s the only thing that makes Monday’s bearable). Season 21, with Bachelor Nick Viall, has been nothing if not exciting and dramatic. We were left with a cliffhanger after last week’s pool party. This Monday we picked up right where we left off, with Vanessa confronting Nick about Corinne’s wild behavior, after everyone witnessed their not-so-subtle make out session in the bounce castle (the presence of which we were never really given a valid explanation for). The women expressed that Corinne makes them uncomfortable and worry she may be too immature for a relationship with Nick. Vanessa, safe with her rose from the one-on-one, openly confronts Nick about his intentions. Taylor and Sarah hold a small intervention with Corinne, calling her entitled and privileged and bringing up our favorite nanny, Raquel, to which Corinne responds “[I’m] not everyone’s cup of tea.” She also blessed us with the first Mean Girls’ reference of the season when she questions, “Why are Taylor and everyone so obsessed with me?”

The rose ceremony had Nick saying goodbye to Brittany and Christen while, much to the other women and Chris Harrison’s dismay, Corinne received another rose. Upon leaving, Brittany voiced something we can all relate to: “I used to make fun of this and the girls on the show for crying. I just didn’t understand it but now I do.”

The girls promptly packed up their things to fly from California to Nick’s hometown, Waukesha, Wisconsin, a place which apparently has a lot of “charm.” Nick met up with his parents, something that usually doesn’t happen until the season finale. We are reminded for the first time since Nick’s hometown date in Kaitlyn’s season how unlikely a couple his parents are.

Danielle L. scores the first one-on-one in Wisconsin, which doesn’t come as a surprise after her clear chemistry with Nick on the Backstreet Boys date. This one-on-one is filled with awkwardness, as Nick starts it off by pointing out the library where he used to make-out with girls, the movie theater where he used to take dates and the place he first got dumped. To make matters worse, Nick and Danielle actually run into one of his exes in town and sit down with her for coffee. Danielle was a good sport, though, and took Nick still being friendly with his ex as a positive. After cringing through a hilltop conversation where, again, Nick continues to point out where he brought girls to hook up, they have a very honest conversation about divorce and commitment over dinner. Just as I started to ask myself if the show had done away with the routine private concert at the end of the date, Nick tells Danielle he has a “bucket list thing” for her. Of course, they danced on stage to a very unpopular country artist in front of a crowd of people who I firmly believe were pretending to know who the singer was.

This date is followed by a group date to a dairy farm, nostalgic of Nick’s childhood and roots. Most of the girls make the best of it, milking cows and shoveling manure to impress Nick. Most of the girls, except Corinne, that is. She claims she has a serious hand injury and literally sneaks out of the barn, muttering something about wanting her nanny, Raquel. In the evening portion of the date, inevitably all conversation turns back to Corinne who, for some reason, compares herself to corn on the cob. At this point in the show, every confessional we’ve seen Corinne in, she has had a very large glass of wine in hand, convincing me that she’s always either very drunk or her absurd behavior is the careful by-product of the show’s writers and producers. Vanessa, quickly becoming a contender for a Hometown Date, in my opinion, presents Nick with a very sweet picture book that her students made for him. There’s lots of making out and multiple leather jackets shown before Kristin ultimately gets her long-deserved group date rose.

Raven finally scores a one-on-one, the last date in Wisconsin. It’s a very sweet day, as the pair attend Nick’s little sister, Bella’s, soccer game and she meets his parents. They go rollerblading in a blast from Nick’s past (he, fortunately, does not mention any former romances at this time), where Raven and Bella share an adorable conversation. That night, Raven reveals riveting details of her last relationship, which ended in infidelity, and the violent way she handled it. She leaves the date claiming she’s falling in love with Nick.

The episode ended with the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, where Danielle L. immediately steals Nick away, angering the other girls because she’s not fighting for a rose. Taylor’s claws come out as she vies for time with him. Suddenly, with Nick nowhere to be found, her and Corinne confront each other, with Taylor questioning Corinne’s emotional intelligence and Corinne calling her a stuck-up b****. We hear Corinne defend herself by saying, “I’m not an idiot, I run a multimillion dollar company.” Viewers are left wanting more drama as the show ends with another jaw-dropping cliffhanger that sets up next week’s episode to be an all-out brawl between Taylor and Corinne.

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