Club Spotlight: Cannoli Club


This Italian delicacy is the basis of an entire club here at UConn. (stu_spivack/Flickr, Creative Commons)

With hundreds of clubs at the University of Connecticut,  it may be hard for you to select which ones to join. Many students desire a club that is not only fun, but also a place to meet new people. Sixth-semester accounting major Enri Duka had this dilemma, until he created the Cannoli Club. Yes, you read that right. UConn has a club dedicated to the popular Italian dessert, cannoli.

For those of you unfamiliar with this Italian delicacy, a cannolo is a pastry consisting of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling. They range in size, but are typically no bigger than a finger.

The Daily Campus sat down with Duka, the club’s founder and president, to learn more about the new organization.

The Daily Campus: Where did your interest to create the Cannoli Club come from?

Duka: “I would like to enculture the student population. I can’t get enough of them and want other students to enjoy them as well along with learning about a very important dessert in Italian culture.”

DC: Where did your interest in cannoli come from?

Duka: “ I am part Italian and love eating Cannoli’s especially the ones of my Grandmother’s secret recipe.”

DC: In general, describe to us your strategy for meetings?  

Duka: “We plan to have three meetings per month. For the three meetings students will come and learn about Italian culture while having a cannolo provided by vendors. During one meeting we will make the cannoli ourselves.”

DC: Where did the idea to start this club come from?

Duka: “I have been to club meetings and although academics are important I wanted to create a club that allows students to network, and have fun while enjoying a cannolo.”

DC: Will you try different cannoli recipes?

Duka: “Yes, our goal is to make them on one out of the three weeks we meet in a month we will make the cannoli. We also have vendors from which we will get the various cannoli from.”

DC: What are the future plans for the club?

Duka: “With 200 plus students signed up, UCTV plans to feature our club and we are in the process of developing a design for the club shirt.”

Duka hopes more students attend meetings. With a large amount of students liking the club’s Facebook page, he wants to make this one of the largest clubs on campus. Although that would then mean needing to have 200-plus cannoli for each meeting, he would like most students to know what a cannolo is and to, of course, try one.

The club aims to inform students on the popular Italian dessert and to offer a fun way for students to network. With a group of club officers, support from USG and students still signing up, Duka can expect a huge crowd showing up for cannoli. Unfortunately, we will not be able to know Enri’s Grandmother’s recipe, as it is a secret family recipe.

For those interested in knowing more about meeting dates, times and places follow the UConn Cannoli Club on Facebook.

Sharon Sorto is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at

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