Love Art Sushi’s makirittos give great value for an on-the-go snack


Photo of the new sushi makiritto at Love Art Sushi, Storrs Center. (Angie DeRosa/ DC) 

Recently, I headed back to Storrs Center’s Love Art Sushi to check out one of their most popular creations, the sushi makiritto. Essentially, a sushi makiritto is a maki (the seaweed part of sushi) rolled like a burrito at its long end, rather than like a normal sushi roll. The maki roll is then filled with sushi rice and the customer’s choice of avocado, crispy chicken, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna or California roll fillings.

Not really a fan of seafood, I went with the crispy chicken makiritto and topped it off with teriyaki sauce for some added flavor. The makiritto is a twist on the standard burrito was extremely refreshing and is a healthier alternative to the tortilla burrito. The one knock I have on this otherwise fantastic meal is that the makiritto is rather small. While this means it is easy to take on the go, the makiritto might not fill you up. That said, each sushi makiritto is only $3.76 so one could theoretically get two makirittos for just a little bit more than the price of a large bowl. This makes for a meal with fantastic value for a college student looking for a tasty and healthy option.

Furthermore, the last time I came went to Love Art Sushi for a review, I had a rice bowl and a selection of veggies to go along with crispy chicken, which was very good, but I knocked the restaurant for its lack of hard copy menus. This time around, Love Art Sushi had real menus which was a big plus and I was really pleased with the service by those behind the counter, as they helped me through the order with suggestions of what goes best with the makiritto.

All in all, I have to give Love Art Sushi’s sushi makiritto a four out of five stars for its fantastic flavor and healthy option. The makiritto’s value is fantastic for the UConn student’s budget as well, so even though one makiritto might not fill you up getting two shouldn’t hurt your wallet too much. Plus, Love Art Sushi always has its bubble tea with free refills for more great value, which can only help the customer experience. Definitely head down to Love Art Sushi soon to check out their sushi makirittos and other customizable creations.

Chris Hanna is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets @realchrishanna

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