Talented students grab the open mic


UConn student Scott Bosco (9th semester Biology major) performs stand-up comedy for the SUBOG Open Mic night in the North Lobby of the UConn Student Union in Storrs, CT on Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017. (Owen Bonaventura/The Daily Campus)

Yesterday, on a freezing January night, the Student Union Board of Governors put together yet another open mic night, a night where students of all levels can sign up ahead of time to do a 15 minute performance of their talent.

With the stage set with two mics, two amps, and a SUBOG backdrop, the show was ready to start as various students grabbed complimentary refreshments and free swag like pens, lanyards, magnets and hand sanitizer all sporting the SUBOG logo.

First up on stage after a brief introduction from one of SUBOG’s members was comedian Cait Allen. Allen has performed on campus many times and was very comfortable on stage. She announced she was trying some new material as she held a small book with her during the show. Allen had perhaps one of the most difficult jobs, that being warming up the crowd, but did a great job trying to get a laugh out of the small audience. Her material covered a decent range of topical subjects from artificial intelligence on smart phones like Siri and Cortana to religion and sports, to the target rich environment of our current president. After her bit was done and the crowd was warmed up, her partner in crime, Scott Bosco, took the stage.

With similar themes to his counterpart, Bosco also touched upon the Trump presidency but with a Kanye West parody about how “I miss the old POTUS.” Bosco also poked fun at Christianity and Jesus’ life.

“Man after all this time Judas, it was you who was gonna double cross me?….Well….I’m really only gonna use one cross,” Bosco said.  

That joke really got the crowd going. Bosco was a hit and does standup at local and professional venues in Hartford. You can find out more about show times by following him on twitter @scottbthecomic.

Next up on the roster was supposed to be a band by the name of Souls of Zion but in an unexpected turn of events, they were nowhere to be found. Thinking on their feet, SUBOG reps quickly worked to find people to fill the time slot until the next act was ready.

“The absent bands made for some really nice surprises,” Lola Bras-Jorge, a sixth-semester art history major who attended the show, said.

Surprisingly, almost all of the acts that night were singers with acoustic guitars or comedians. Next on the mic after several surprise performers was a band by the name of Flight of Silence. Slightly reminiscent of Pearl Jam but with nicer harmonies, they played “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones with ease, as well as one of their own songs.

Other stars of the show included Kat Madrak who sang a handful of covers/renditions that were executed with arguably more skill than their authors. Madrak has a seriously impressive voice and got the largest applause by far, smattered with hoots, whistles and catcalls.

One of the final singers of the night was Viviana Maldonado who sung all her own writing, one of which was in Spanish, which added a needed variety to the show. The styles of each student shone through beautifully and much of the crowd seemed in better spirits because of it.

“The show was fun! It inspired confidence in me enough to get a spot in the next open mic night. I also got a chance to draw many of the performers,” Bella Saraceni, a fourth-semester painting major said.

Dan Wood is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at daniel.wood@uconn.edu.

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