USG plans initiatives for upcoming semester


The USG presented their plans for the spring semester on Wednesday, Jan. 25. The plan includes minimizing budget cuts, developing a sustainability gen. ed. requirement and continuing to support undocumented students. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

At Undergraduate Student Government Senate on Wednesday night, student leaders presented their plans for the spring semester, including attempting to minimize budget cuts to the university, developing a sustainability general education requirement and continuing to support undocumented students on campus.

External Affairs Chairperson Haley Hinton laid out the committee’s main initiatives for the semester, receiving much support from senators.

One issue the External Affairs Committee is pursuing this semester is lobbying at the state capitol to attempt to minimize state budget cuts to the University of Connecticut.

“We’re going to have budget cuts, but let’s try to minimize them,” Hinton said.

External Affairs also plans to assist Greek organizations living off-campus in conflicts with the town, as well as pursuing tuition transparency in light of the university’s state audit showing mishandling of funds, including overpayment of employees.

USG is also pursuing a sustainability general education requirement. University Senate already endorsed the requirement.

Sen. Myles Gibbs (Engineering) is leading USG in hammering out the logistics of enacting a sustainability requirement.

“In the time we live in, sustainability is the main task our generation is going to face,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs said UConn already offers courses that could fill a sustainability requirement.

USG President Dan Byrd explained new plans to support undocumented students, in addition to the university’s policies.

USG will be organizing an event at the UConn School of Law where UConn Law alums can connect with undocumented students and offer free legal consultation to them and their families.

Byrd also said student representation in the Board of Trustees committees is increasing.

Two student representatives will be added to the Student Life Committee, as well as a student vote on the Financial Affairs Committee.

Byrd said more student representation on the Board is important, especially on the Financial Affairs Committee.

“Students have never had a vote on that committee, so that’s really good. That’s the committee that deals with tuition and fees,” Byrd said.

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