Artist Of The Week: Léon


The cover of Léon’s debut EP, Treasure, released in 2015. (Photo courtesy of Léon)

Singer and songwriter Léon has made quite the amount of leeway in the music industry recently thanks to her 2015 release of her EP, “Treasure – EP.” She went and released two more songs during the course of 2016, and the Stockholm-raised singer is now releasing music for 2017. Her debut album is slated to be released some time during 2017, along with her first North American tour, much to the delight of her fans, myself included.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Léon started writing music when she was young, and that evolved to what we know today after she studied in a program that trained producers and songwriters after she left high school. That’s where she met her producer, Agrin Rahmani, and together the two wrote and produced Léon’s most popular song to date, “Tired Of Talking.”

Léon posted “Tired Of Talking” on SoundCloud in the summer of 2015 in an attempt to reach other people, and soon the song blew up all over the platform. The track gained considerable attention, even getting a shout out from Katy Perry on Twitter saying about Léon: “she’s one to watch!” I agree wholeheartedly.

Soon after the song’s release, she was signed to Columbia Records—the company that boasts big names like Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and Adele, just to name a few. Léon then got to work on “Treasure – EP,” which was released in October of the same year and gained just as much popularity as “Tired Of Talking” did when it was released. As a whole, the EP has a combined stream count of almost 50 million streams on Spotify, “Tired Of Talking” taking up a whopping 42 million streams since its initial release.

During 2016, Léon released the songs “Think About You”—which sports six million streams—and, most recently, “Liar”—which has gained nearly two million streams in just a month. Now, Léon has new music out for 2017—her newest release titled “Sleep Deprived”—and, at the rate she has been going with her two million monthly listeners on Spotify, her new music has only one direction, and that’s up.

There is something about Léon’s voice that captivates you seconds after listening. I was hooked the moment I heard “Tired Of Talking,” and it was hard not to fall in love after listening to the rest of her tracks. Léon has a knack for churning out bops, all of them analyzing the complexities of relationships. If you’re into indie pop at all, then add Léon to your list—I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Léon is getting all of this attention for a reason, and I won’t be surprised if I start seeing her name more in the months to come. Hold onto your hats, kids, because there’s a new queen in town—and her name is Léon.
Spotlight Song: “Tired Of Talking”

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