ShondaLand takes back the night in three-show premiere


Shonda Rhimes gives a Ted talk, as well as welcomes her premiere on Thursday evening dedicated to Shondaland. (Ted Conference/Flickr Creative Commons)

After last night’s premiere, accomplished writer and producer Shonda Rhimes officially has an entire Thursday evening dedicated to ShondaLand. The night has the hashtag “#TGIT” which represents three of Rhimes’ shows back-to-back: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

To those wondering, ShondaLand is an American television production company founded by Shonda Rhimes herself. She is the writer of the three aforementioned highly ranked series, aired on ABC.

The night began with Golden Globe Award winner “Grey’s Anatomy,” which ended its midseason finale with a cliffhanger regarding main character, Karev. After committing a crime, suspense was built as viewers were left to wonder whether or not he would turn himself in. In an unexpected turn, he ended up turning himself in for the crime. The episode did not pick up where it left off, instead focusing on a dramatic case of treating a pregnant patient at a highly secured women’s prison. Disappointingly, the episode left out the drama of the casts’ new love interests, breakups, difficult medical cases and recurring rivalries. With a new administration, viewers can expect tensions to rise in the hospital.

“Scandal” returned in its sixth season, highlighting politics with the presidential election. The episode takes a shocking beginning with a shooting that leads to the death of a presidential candidate in the first 20 minutes. Main character Olivia Pope unfolds a plan to prove that Cyrus committed the murder in order to make way for himself in the White House. This season ensures Olivia is back to control politics in her demanding and powerful ways.  

“How to Get Away with Murder” released its season finale with the death of protagonist Wes, leaving fans in shock. While the main character is in county jail, the rest of the cast remains, leaving room to find out who the next antagonist will be. The show continues to provide eerie plot twists. Each supporting character’s dark past is slowly revealed, impacting the current betrayals and conspiracies. The show continues to provide a complexity with the flashbacks on the law students’ background. This will hold importance later as Rhimes builds up to current events and links them to prior events. This season, the drama will revolve around discovering who murdered Wes. For a great psychological thriller, this show should be your go-to.

This winter season, viewers can expect Rhimes to continue her overwhelming dramas on ABC Thursdays. Fans continue to watch in hopes of love prospects amongst the various set of casts, but fans should not get set in their expectations as Rhimes is sure to provide lots of surprises and plot twists week after week.

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