Pressman featured for record of women’s march participants


Thousands of Connecticut citizens marched on the State Capitol to protest Trump’s stance on women’s rights during the Women’s March on Hartford, CT: in solidarity with Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2016. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Jeremy Pressman, a University of Connecticut political science professor, has received numerous press mentions this past week for a chart he and Dr. Erica Chenoweth, from the University of Denver, created. This chart measures the number of people present at the Women’s March and accompanying Sister Marches nationally and internationally.

Pressman has been featured in a host of publications including: the Atlantic, Fortune, Time Magazine and Quartz for the data he and Chenoweth collected.

Pressman’s research background is in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and he is also the director of the Middle Eastern Studies program at UConn.

Pressman has not previously worked in measuring crowds.

“I was curious,” Pressman said, when asked about how he got involved with the data collection.

The chart includes the location of each march, number of participants and the sources from which the numbers were derived.

“We gathered information from media websites including newspapers and local TV and radio stations,” Pressman said. “People also sent us information and links.”

The chart has records from 936 different locations. The Women’s March website has noted that there were 673 sister marches.

These locations ranged in size from one person in Show Low, Arizona to 1,000,000 in Washington D.C.. The chart has high and low estimates from each of the different sources utilized in the data set with differences between hundreds of thousands or two-to-three people.

When asked if any of the location turnouts surprised him Pressman said, “No specific place. Just the total number of places and that a march took place in every state and DC.”

Pressman and Chenoweth have stopped collecting data from individuals and media organizations as of Jan. 26. The total estimates for those who marched in the U.S. are 3,266,829 (low) and 5,246,321 (high) and abroad are 266,532 (low) and 357,071 (high). More in-depth access to the chart is accessible via this link.

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