The Dodd Center to digitally archive Daily Campus stories


Daily Campus archives can now be accessed digitally at the Dodd Center in the University of Connecticut's Archives and Special Collections. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

Daily Campus archives can now be accessed digitally at the Dodd Center in the University of Connecticut’s Archives and Special Collections. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

Readers can now access old editions of The Daily Campus through a digital repository in the University of Connecticut’s Archives and Special Collections.

A large amount of campus history can be accessed, such as student reactions to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Through the digital collections section of the archive, students are able to access every past issue uploaded to the digital repository. This includes associated metadata such as a date, editor and genre. Students are able to perform term searches, download and print as a PDF file according to UConn’s Collection blog.

Julia Werth, editor-in-chief at The Daily Campus, said that there are some archives at The Daily Campus. However, for archives that are before the 1960s students have to go to the Archives and Special Collections, located inside the Dodd Center.

“We try really hard here at the Archives to be open and accessible to students,” Nicholas Hurley, research services assistant at UConn Archives and Special Collections currently working on the project, said.

Hurley graduated from UConn with a bachelor’s degree and then received a master’s degree in history, throughout which he was a member of ROTC.

About six months ago, Hurley began writing a blog series on the 100th anniversary of ROTC. When he started writing this he found that he frequently used the newspaper. Hurley would go through old newspapers to figure out all the details about what was occurring during the interwar period.

“That’s what I hope students will get out of it too,” Hurley said. “There’s no end to the number of student resource questions that could be answered using the newspaper.”

Up until now, the only way to access all of the past newspapers is by going to the Archives and Special Collections in person, said Hurley. However, they are only open during the week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This project has required process a lot of material, Hurley said. The newspaper has grown from a monthly publication to a semi-monthly, weekly, biweekly, and finally a daily in 1953.

There was a monthly publication for the first 18 years of the student newspaper, which builds up to about 170 issues produced from the years 1896-1914, according to UConn’s Collection Blog. This makes the total number of pages more than 4,000 since every issue is an average of about 20-25 pages.

The paper has changed names several times, and for each different name there’s a digital collection, said Hurley. The issues are displayed in chronological order.

“It’s just like anything else on the internet, it’s available instantaneously. As fast as you can type, you can find what you are looking for,” Hurley said.

According to Werth, she receives a few emails every week with requests for archives.

Emma DeGrandi is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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