Comedian Tom Segura puts academic stress away


Comedian Tom Segura had the crowd in stitches at Tuesday night’s comedy show at Jorgensen presented by SUBOG. Tom is a standup comedian who can be seen in his Netflix specials “Completely Normal” and “Mostly Stories.” (David Anastasio/The Daily Campus)

On Wednesday night at 8 p.m., students gathered in masses to see the widely known comedian form Cincinnati Ohio, Tom Segura.

Whilst finding their way to their seat, familiar faces in the local comedy flavor like Scott Bosco and Cait Allen could be seen mingling in the lobby, visibly excited for the show.

As the house lights finally darkened, the audience was greeted by the opening act: A comedian named Josh Potter based out of Buffalo, NY. Given his proximity to the school and UConn’s rivalry, he had plenty of material about Syracuse that was well-received by the sports fans in the audience. Most of which cannot be recalled in a publication that represents the school.

“The opening comedian really said what was on his mind. He had ‘no filter’ as they say,” said Brendan Lyga, a sixth-semester horticulture major.

Potter also had several bits about his own personal disabilities and hardships surrounding his premature birth, such as his poor vision. Being completely blind in one eye, he had jokes about the comedy he finds in his misunderstandings that come from his disability.

“I can’t see 3D movies, which is a bummer I guess. But if you think about it, my entire life has been in 2D so it’s not like it makes much of a difference for me. Yeah, think about having no depth perception and going about day-to-day things…I have a car by the way. Think about that! One time I was struggling with this fly buzzing around my head and was trying to swat it with no depth perception, looking like an idiot so I asked my friend to help me with the fly. He says, dude, that is a bird that is flying around across the street,” Potter said.

After the crowd was sufficiently warmed up by Potter’s routine, Tom Segura proudly took the stage to open with some bad news.

“I’m sorry to tell you guys but you women’s team just had their winning streak broken,” Potter said.

The crowd responded positively as Segura continued, “Doesn’t it get boring, watching the women’s team win by that much every time? Which raises another question, what are other schools even doing with their basketball programs? Can you imagine being any other basketball team and you know you have to play UConn? They probably are asking their coaches if they can opt out, because what’s the point?”

Segura’s bits contained a lot of great material from a strange personal encounter with Mike Tyson, the weirdness of people in the news of Florida and North Carolina and his personal experiences traveling there, to his own days as a freshman in college where he “looked like a 47 year old man” in his freshman year “so obviously it quickly became my job to hook every one on my floor up with as much booze and porn as they wanted.”

Although some might find the majority of Segura’s humor offensive or vulgar many of the students enjoyed his honesty and real life perspectives. “Honestly, his sex jokes were really funny. It feels good to hear so many relatable jokes.” Said Tama Moni, a journalism and human rights double major in her fourth-semester.

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