Big Gigantic makes UConn dance like no one’s watching


Big Gigantic performs at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on February 3, 2017 as a part of SUBOG Winter Weekend events. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

EDM duo Big Gigantic performed at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts Friday night for SUBOG’s winter concert, providing a carefree night full of dancing, jumping and singing for UConn students.

While attendance was fairly low (a guard told one student buying a ticket at the door that it didn’t matter if he bought a balcony or floor ticket; they’d let him onto the floor regardless), the students that did attend didn’t seem to mind.

Big Gigantic is known for their unique live show, blending EDM with live saxophone and drums. Fourth-semester chemical engineering major Jake Chicano attended the show, which was his first concert.

“I didn’t expect [the instruments] at all. When I heard sax and drums, it was a big, big (gigantic) surprise,” Chicano said.

While at most times, the drums couldn’t be heard over the production, at a few points, live snare and cymbals added an extra punch. The saxophone, played by Big Gigantic’s DJ Dominic Lalli, blended EDM with jazz and blues. On paper, it sounds like it shouldn’t work. Yet, somehow it does.

As soon as the group opened with their hit “The Little Things,” the beat was infectious. The crowd began moving and jumping from side to side. Especially in the back of the crowd, students took advantage of the extra space to dance, whether they were in a circle with their friends or by themselves.

With bursts of blue and white confetti at the beginning and the same school-color balloons at the end, Big Gigantic tailored their show just a little to match UConn’s spirit.

The group also sampled and remixed several popular songs. Even if students weren’t a fan of the Big Gigantic, they could sing along to Outkast’s “Miss Jackson,” Travis Scott’s “Antidote,” and Fat Joe’s “All the Way Up,” with Lalli playing the melody to the latter song on the saxophone.

Eighth-semester communications major Liam O’Donnell said Friday night was his third time seeing the group in the past four months.

“They have a niche sound in EDM with live instruments. It’s the best of both worlds,” O’Donnell said.

Students who weren’t familiar with Big Gigantic were also excited for the show nonetheless.

When fourth-semester psychology and HDFS double major Isabella Husu was asked if she was a fan, she replied “Not really, but we’re just here to dance.”

Eighth-semester history and political science double major Eric Agron said he wasn’t too familiar with EDM, but he saw the concert as an opportunity to get into the genre more. Agron said he was most excited for the production of the show.

“I want something eye-popping, in your face. You’re not just hearing it,” Agron said.

Big Gigantic’s use of lighting, like many EDM shows, really brought the live show together. Between the strobe lighting, use of different colors and a video board, they engaged the crowd in a way that was visual, instead of verbal. Particularly, the use of darkness created a feeling of suspense. When Jorgensen went dark, students wondered what was going to happen next.

After playing hits like “All of Me” and “The Little Things,” as well as lesser-known songs off their newest album Brighter Future, like “I’ve Gotta Know” and “Got the Love,” the crowd was still chanting for one more song as the group left the stage.

Big Gigantic obliged and came out for one last song, after the blue and white balloons fell from the ceiling and the hits were already performed.

Students ran back into their circles one last time and danced harder than they had all night.

Schae Beaudoin is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at

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