Here’s how UConn made it onto a Saturday Night Live sketch with Kristen Stewart


Actress Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live on Sat., Feb. 4, 2016 with musical guest Alessia Cara. One skit drew attention from the UConn community: a sketch about a bunch of students who had been written up for alcohol violations and one student in particular (Stewart) who blows the rest out of the water. The sketch was based at UConn. (Screenshot/SNL NBC YouTube)

Famed Twilight actress Kristen Stewart looks like a typical UConn student— she wears a dark blue sweatshirt with “UConn” printed in bold, white lettering across her chest and a beanie for the cold, winter months in Storrs.

That is, Stewart seems like a typical student until she pulls off her beanie to display a sobering “nohawk” and tells a group of students at an alcohol awareness meeting the reason she’s there: a combination of 40 beers, a chainsaw and 35 downed pine trees behind North campus.

“I’ve done it, you’ve done it, but of course this time I get caught,” Stewart said to Saturday Night Live cast members Mikey Day and Cecily Strong in the SNL skit “Dry Fridays,” which aired on Saturday and had garnered over 1 million YouTube views at press time.

Actress Kristen Stewart on Saturday Night Live on Sat., Feb. 4, 2016 sporting a “nohawk,” like a mohawk but with the hair down the middle missing. (Screenshot/SNL NBC YouTube)

Stewart, front and center in her UConn logowear, sits in front of a wall decal of Jonathan the Husky. UConn flags hang from the ceiling and a giant banner on the wall reads “UConn Dry Fridays” (not a real UConn event, the Daily Campus can confirm).

So, just how did UConn work its way into the limelight of a Saturday Night Live skit?

It begins with Streeter Seidell.

Seidell is a comedian and SNL writer who has long had ties to the University of Connecticut. He’s a native of Madison, Connecticut, and his wife, Vanessa Bone, is a UConn alumna (Class of ‘05). He’s performed comedy sketches at UConn twice in the past two years.

Streeter Seidell, a Madison, Conn., native and husband of a UConn alumni, performing a comedy show in April, 2016, at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts. Seidell co-wrote the SNL sketch featuring UConn based on his experiences here. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

“The sketch started as one about someone trying to one-up people in an AA meeting but Mikey (Day) suggested a college since it’s a more fun, relaxed setting. Once we were on that, I wanted UConn since I had heard legendary party stories about it since I was in middle school,” Seidell said.

From there, Seidell worked in what he could to set the scene. “We tried to get D.P. Dough pizza boxes but we weren’t allowed, sadly,” Seidell said. Still, Seidell was out to create the UConn he remembered from the early 2000’s.

“I guess it’s calmed down recently, but to me it will always be the place that sets cars on fire when its basketball team wins games,” he said.

Seidell saw a lot of “UConn insanity” firsthand when he visited his now-wife, but he also would hear stories from friends who attended, he said.

“I feel like a lot of them involved a place called (I think) ‘X-Lot’,” said Seidell, referring to the parking lot across from Ted’s Bar and Restaurant that used to be home-base for Spring Weekend parties.

SNL cast member and writer Bobby Moynihan, who is a Class of ‘99 UConn alum, was not involved with writing this particular sketch, although they frequently write together, said Seidell.

Seidell revealed he was one of the writers of the sketch, along with cast member Mikey Day, when he tweeted a letter he received from UConn after the skit aired.

The arrival of the letter was completely unrelated to the SNL sketch, confirmed Daniel Warren, director of Accounts Payable & Travel at the Office of the Controller. Seidell did a show at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts last April, along with SNL cast members Vanessa Bayer and Pete Davidson, and the letter was a tax confirmation form.

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