Blaze raises prices for their pizza


A student orders his pizza during Blaze Pizza’s grand opening on January 29th, 2016. (Bailey Wright/The Daily Campus)

Blaze Pizza, a popular restaurant in Storrs Center, recently raised the prices of their pizza by 20 cents.

Since the pizza restaurant opened about a year ago, build-your-own and signature pizzas cost $7.95. Those pizzas now cost $8.15.

Joshua Levitt works media relations for Blaze and said the price increase was a necessary business decision.

“We always strive to offer our guests the best tasting, natural ingredients to top their pizzas, and create an environment where our associates are valued and paid fairly for their contributions,” Levitt said in an email. “Every once in a while that means we have to increase the cost of our pizza ever so slightly (though we’re not fans of doing this).”

Elise Sotolongo, a sixth-semester English and sociology double major, said the increase isn’t a huge factor for her, but hopes prices won’t continue to rise.

“Twenty cents isn’t the end of the world, but I would be mad if they raise prices again in the near future because that would be a little unreasonable,” Sotolongo said.

Kirstin McLeod, a fourth-semester pathobiology major, said she likes to eat at Blaze because the prices are so low.

“Twenty cents isn’t a lot but we’re all broke college students. Someone needs to throw us a bone – or a slice of pizza,” McLeod said.

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