Drink of the Week: Mint-jito Lemonade


This week’s Drink of the Week is a minty-mojito lemonade. It tastes even better with some ice in a blender. (Photo courtesy of common.wikimedia.org)

Knowing I will be cozy in bed today with lots of blankets and pillows and probably my best friend, I’m going to need a drink to keep me refreshed and awake for a Netflix binge-a-thon. Nothing is more refreshing than lemonade and citrus, and nothing is better at keeping you fresh and smelling great as mint.  So I mixed together some of my favorite flavors for the drink of the week and made a minty-mojito lemonade that tastes even better with some ice in the blender, granted we still have power during the snow storm.


-Fresh mint

-Svedka Cucumber Lime Vodka

– Simply Lemonade (or not, it’s just my fav)

– Ice


1. Put a few mint leaves in the bottom of your glass with a splash of the vodka.

2. Muddle/crush them with the handle of a mallet or a wooden spoon (improvise for a mortar & pestle).

3. Fill the rest of the glass with ice.

4. Pour 1 oz. of the Cucumber Lime vodka over your ice & mint.

5. Fill to the top with lemonade and stir.


Francesca Colturi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at francesca.colturi@uconn.edu.

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