Taj Express takes UConn on an exotic train ride


The Taj Express performed a show at the Jorgensen with a huge variety of singing, cultural dancing, young romance, stunning visuals and a captivating story for any audience. (Photo courtesy of tajexpressthemusical.com)

After a short notice change of time due to forecasted inclement weather, Taj Express performed a mesmerizing show at the Jorgensen with a huge variety of singing, cultural dancing, young romance, stunning visuals and a captivating story for any audience. An incredibly diverse display, the show drew on performance styles and costume designs from Latin, African, Asia and the many cultures of India. As well as an impressive spread of over 300 intricate and shimmering costumes. This performance takes audiences on a cinematic journey beyond Bollywood for an exciting exploration of modern Indian society.

“There are no words. We were speechless…..well, not completely speechless. We were screaming and singing the whole time! We had so much fun, but I think I’m losing my voice,” Divya Kapoor, a sixth-semester math major said, moments after the show.

Quintessence Entertainment Productions brought their internationally acclaimed Bollywood musical right here to UConn. Taj Express was a story about Bollywood, presented in Bollywood format. The show follows the story of a young aspiring Indian composer, Shankar, when he is given his first big break in the film business to create the music for a new Bollywood movie, Taj Express. When he was young, Shankar was inspired by his life growing up on the trains with his father, the conductor who loves and shares Bollywood music with his son. With the rhythm of the train deep in his blood, Shankar is empowered and determined to create a score fitting for the greatest love story ever written.

“I love anything Bollywood so I was super excited when the show was put on the bill. I love the energy and the up-beat nature of the shows. It is a great way to get some new cultural experience and they brought it right to us. What more could you want?” asked eighth-semester communications major Alyssa Dillon.

“Taj Express has elements of comedy, suspense, romance, controversy, action and a host of unforgettable characters” says the show’s Director and Producer, Shruit Merchant. “It is a fairy tale on stage that promises not only to bring Bollywood to the world – but guarantees to reveal the heart and soul of India as well.”

Hailed by Daily News and Analysis India as “a brilliant mix of dance and drama” and described by Yahoo News as “bursting at the seams with energy and life,” Taj Express is the first original Indian musical to have successfully completed five years of international touring, playing to enthusiastic audiences in France, Turkey, Jordan and Russia. Taj Express is also one of the few major Bollywood performances to feature live music to accompany the play and the musical numbers. Members of the band, Flash, Harry Potter, and The Animal, also provided comic relief in-between numbers, cracking wise at much of current American political affairs.

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