Tapping the Keg: Sixpoint Brewery’s Bengali IPA


“Tapping the Keg” is a weekly review of craft beers brought to you by staff writer Dan Wood.

The Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004 and currently operates out of Brooklyn, NY. Their Bengali IPA is available at Price Chopper and Storrs Wine and Spirits in Storrs Center. (Arthur Etchells/Creative Commons)

Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004 and currently operates out of Brooklyn NY. Some might say it is not as local as we can get, but it still supports a relatively local economy. Sixpoint has a reputation of brewing unique beers that are sure to please regardless of brew experience or appreciation.

Seeing as I am new to this brewing company and their wares, a fellow craft beer enthusiast recommended I start with one of their popular IPAs called Bengali. Sixpoint has always caught my eye with their style of packaging. They tend to stick with a motif that is monochromatic for each beer they brew and keep it simple, with most of their packaging being blank. It leaves the impression that they intend on letting the beer do the talking. They also sell their beers almost exclusively in tall, 12-oz. cans, which helps them stand out in the coolers. This also says something about the brewery.

Cans are the greenest packaging option for carbonated beverages. They are much lighter than glass, making them more efficient to ship, and unlike glass bottles they don’t use caps, which often get left out of the recycling process.

Sixpoint derives their symbol and name from a historical study of brewing where they found that the six-pointed star was one of the few reoccurring emblems representing a brewer, giving their business an interesting yet familiar look.

Their typical design consists of a single label on the front listing the name, volume, ABV, IBU, SRM and the beer type, all organized and easy to read on the front of their beers. This makes them easy to understand and identify instead of making consumers spin bottles and cans every which way to look for information on the beer they are drinking.

When poured properly, this beer has a very nice and frothy head formation with medium retention. The color is a slightly cloudy golden hue with medium to small bubbles. The nose of this beer is very exciting but not too powerful like many modern IPAs. We can get gentle notes of warm tropical citrus, like soursop and pomelo coupled with floral notes. The top of this beer imparts much of what the nose suggested but is much sweeter than you might anticipate. This beer is bright and warm with notes of rose, ginger, sweet naval orange and tangerine followed by an herbaceous and toasty middle. The finish of this beer is pretty smooth considering how loud the top notes are. A slight bitterness builds as you drink, but it never leaves an unpleasant taste, despite the slight astringency.

This beer would pair nicely with any dish that highlights citrus or Asian aromatics like a mandarin orange salad, Pad Thai, banh mi, or just about any seafood dish. The acidity and full aroma allows this beer to hold the potential of many pairing applications and with an ABV of 6.5 percent it won’t leave you hanging.

Sixpoint Bengali is available at both Price Chopper and Storrs Wine and Spirits for around $10.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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