New webpage compiles Mansfield rental housing regulations


The Town on Mansfield’s website has a new page that explains the regulations for rental housing. (Tyler Benton/The Daily Campus)

A new page on the Town of Mansfield’s website compiles rental housing regulations for the benefit of landlords, renters and student renters in particular.

“The webpage was developed through multiple departments and an ad hoc committee of town council,” Town of Mansfield Director of Building and Housing Inspection Michael Ninteau said. “Members are from town council and the planning and zoning commission.”

One of the webpage’s links includes resources specifically for student renters, such as the University of Connecticut Off-Campus Housing Guide.

“Published annually by UConn Off-Campus Student Services, this guide provides information on your rights and responsibilities as a renter as well as an overview of Mansfield ordinances,” the webpage said.

A link on the webpage that explains renters’ responsibilities supplies information to renters regarding parking and maximum occupancy regulations.

“Residential rental properties with three or fewer dwelling units are required to have an approved parking plan that is posted inside the rental unit. Cars parked in unauthorized areas will be subject to ticketing,” the webpage noted. “Rental units registered with the Town prior to August 15, 2010, are allowed a maximum of four unrelated individuals; units registered with the Town on or after that date are allowed a maximum of three unrelated individuals unless they meet…exceptions identified in the definition of family contained in the Mansfield Zoning Regulations.”

The main intent of all Mansfield housing regulations is to promote residents’ safety, Ninteau said.

“We don’t want anybody living in substandard housing with plumbing concerns or wiring problems,” Ninteau said. “The housing code adopted by the town is a minimum, but that’s where the regulations start. It gives us a baseline.”

The renters’ responsibilities link provides a summary of noise and nuisance ordinances as well.

“The Town would much rather prevent nuisances than issue citations, so if you are planning on hosting a gathering at your residence, here are some suggestions to reduce the potential of nuisance activities: Respect your neighbors. Keep in mind that your neighbors may have a different schedule from yours, and noisy, large gatherings may disrupt their ability to enjoy their homes. If you are planning an event, talk to your neighbors in advance and ask them to call you with any problems that arise during the party,” the webpage said.

The webpage also features a landlord registration guide, the town’s landlord registration ordinance and the landlord registration form on a link which outlines landlords’ requirements.

“If you own residential rental property, you are required to register with the Town of Mansfield and provide the contact information of the individual responsible for managing your property,” the webpage said.

The landlord registry aids the town in enforcing housing regulations, according to Ninteau.

“The landlord registry gives us a space to find an individual so if there’s a violation, there’s an individual to serve that order on,” Ninteau said.

Mansfield town council and the greater Mansfield community wish to prevent the decay of property through enforcing housing regulations, Ninteau said.

“I believe (the webpage) definitely helps with achieving the goals the community has for landlords and tenants,” Ninteau said. “When enforced, housing regulations keep the housing stock and neighborhoods in better shape and provide more attractive housing options.”

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