Just Being Devine: Makeup problems and their solutions


If you wear makeup then chances are you have run into an instance when you have said to yourself or someone else, “My makeup didn’t do what I wanted it to do today.” (Jacqueline Devine/justbeingdevine)

If you wear makeup then chances are you have run into an instance when you have said to yourself or someone else, “My makeup didn’t do what I wanted it to do today.” We usually have a vision of a morning glow, perfectly even skin tone and a subtle yet defining contour. Yet despite all our dreaming, these visions often render themselves unattainable with all the issues we can run into while applying our makeup.

This week’s column is dedicated specifically to makeup problems and how to fix them. I narrowed down the (somewhat endless) list of issues I came across in my decade of makeup application and am determined to attempt to remedy these common problems with a few simple tips.

Cakey foundation: In other words, you put too much foundation over really, really dry skin. About once a week, bring a washcloth into the shower and gently exfoliate your skin with a little cleanser. Apply moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower to ensure your skin doesn’t get dry and flakey. Instead of putting layers upon layers of foundation on your skin, start with one coat and apply a dusting of setting powder (translucent or pigmented) to even out your skin tone.

Oily skin: Some people have naturally oily skin while others develop a ‘natural glow’ over the course of the day–especially on days when it’s hot and/or humid outside. Instead of applying more foundation, try using oil-blotting sheets or a quick sweep of powder across the problem-areas. You want to absorb the oil, not cover it up with more makeup.

Streaky bronzer: This tip takes a little time and patience. When it comes to streaky bronzer or blush, I always credit the faux pas to having undried foundation. Wait a little while for the foundation to set on your skin and then apply the bronzer. If you are in a rush then add a little setting powder on top of your cheeks to absorb some of the extra moisture.

Evaporating makeup: At the end of the day it sometimes appears as though our makeup has either fallen off our face or evaporated into thin air. Seems dramatic but you know what I mean. Where did it go? Instead of running to a mirror to reapply every two hours, spray your face with some finishing mist to set the makeup after you finish getting ready in the morning.

Eyeliner gone wrong: Aficionados of liquid eyeliner know what I’m referencing. Maybe you blinked, maybe you sneezed, maybe you have a shaky hand from lack of caffeine. Whatever the reason, you messed up your eyeliner and you’re probably sad. There’s no real solution to this problem but here’s my best advice: go into the eyeliner process without thinking too hard about it; just assume it’s going to go on with ease. If this state of mind doesn’t exactly go according to plan then keep a Q-tip handy with some makeup remover so you can fix the slip up without having to remove the entire line.

There are countless other beauty problems I have run into over the years. From using the wrong colored concealer to forgetting to blend my eyeshadow, it seems the list goes on and on. We all learn as we go, it’s a process, but at the end of the day if you mess up your mascara it’s just makeup and not the end of the world.

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at jacqueline.devine@uconn.edu. Visit Jacqueline’s website. 

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