Recapping “The Bachelor” Episode 7: Island adventures and heartbreak


With his newfound optimism Nick decided to cancel the rose ceremony and he and the remaining women head straight to Bimini, a nine-square-mile island in the Bahamas that all of the ladies. Hometown dates are next week, so the dates in Bimini are crucial and will determine whose families Nick meets. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

After another exhausting cliffhanger last week, Nick made the shocking decision to continue with “The Bachelor.” Despite being scared and feeling like “there’s a million ways this won’t work out,” he decided to take the risk and keep looking for love with the 6 remaining women. Even with his newfound optimism however, he decided to cancel the rose ceremony yet again, meaning he and the remaining women head straight to Bimini, a nine-square-mile island in the Bahamas that all of the ladies seemed to have already heard about. Hometown dates are next week, so the dates in Bimini are crucial and will determine whose families Nick meets.

Vanessa snags the first one-on-one, and although there is no rose at stake, the time they spend together is very important. They go on a very predictable boat ride and diving session. Vanessa says she went into this very open and is glad Nick is showing a vulnerable side. She recognized that they took a step back after their initial connection on the zero-gravity date, but wants to tell him she loves him. Over dinner, she does tell him she’s falling for him, but Nick responds coolly, saying he has been in love and been in this environment before. Instead of responding with equal enthusiasm he says, “I’m looking for the type of love I’ve never had before…I only want to say I love you to one person in this process.” He also says he really, really likes her and sees potential in their relationship – exactly what every girl wants to hear when she pours her heart out to her boyfriend. Vanessa is naturally afraid she’s going to wind up heartbroken. Meanwhile, Corinne is talking very poorly about Vanessa at the house, saying she doesn’t see much depth in Vanessa, her only identifying traits being that she’s Italian and a special education teacher. Corinne also expresses that she doesn’t want Nick getting closer to anyone and the whole situation is making her frustrated and bloated. Relatable, Corinne, relatable.

The Bimini group date was only three girls: Corinne, Raven and Kristina. They went on another yacht and went scuba diving with sharks (but we all already knew Corinne was there). Kristina has a panic attack when she “sees” a shark and gets Nick to comfort her, something he does later in the night as well. Raven reveals her dad had cancer, leading to her winning the group date rose and one of our favorite private concerts. The fight for the rest of the hometown dates is really anyone’s game at this point. Personally, I hope Corinne gets one simply so we can meet the infamous Nanny Raquel.

Danielle M. has the next one-on-one. She was expecting mopeds, sailboats or dolphins when the date card talked about riding into the sunset, but alas her and Nick were just riding bikes around the miniscule island and the beaches. They talk briefly about what Danielle’s hometown date would look like (they are two kindred Wisconsin spirits), before Nick realizes his true feelings about her.

“Danielle is sweet and nice to be around, but we are struggling to have a more natural conversation,” Nick says. When Nick starts to say that it was a pleasant day, that she’s fun to have fun with and they have a great friendship, we know where the conversation is headed. Nick’s goodbye to her was especially heartbreaking when she starts to talk about her fiancé that passed away. Danielle has to go get her own things from the hotel, something we rarely see, and has a tearful goodbye with the other girls. She leaves us saying she’s not broken but she’s upset.

Before Rachel’s one-on-one, the last date on the island, Corinne decides to step up her game. She clearly loves Nick, saying “I would live in a shack with no diamonds for Nick. Who am I?” Wow, what a declaration. Corinne ironically feels that Nick is unpredictable, so, needing to convince Nick to give her a hometown date and wanting reassurance of his feelings, she gets dolled up and heads to his hotel room. These scenes are always a pivotal moment in the season. Nick, for some reason, is very surprised at her audaciously showing up. The two of them don’t do very much talking before taking things to the bedroom, where we hear some very suggestive things being said before Nick eventually puts a stop to it, saying they need to wait. Despite the obvious temptation Corinne brings with her self-proclaimed “platinum” lady parts, Nick says he cares about the other women too much (which is very funny considering how long it took him to remember how many girls were left). Corinne is heartbroken at his rejection and immediately starts to doubt the strength of their relationship.

The last date is a brief one with Rachel. They explore the local side of the island a bit and discuss what her hometown date would look like. She says Nick would be the first white boyfriend she brings home. She admits they didn’t do much on the date but that she’s falling for him and is confident she’ll get a rose at the ceremony. But, shocker of all shockers, Nick cancels the cocktail party and rose ceremony yet again. Yes, that’s fine Nick, go ahead and cancel all the rose ceremonies, completely overturn all “Bachelor” tradition, we don’t mind. He goes to the resort to send Kristina home “quietly and respectfully.” He very blatantly tells her there are stronger relationships, to which Kristina responds she wasn’t given a fair chance. Nick says she deserves someone better and honestly everyone watching agrees.

He sent home two women we loved this week, but one major announcement was made in Bachelor Nation- Rachel, yes, the Rachel who is still currently a contestant on the show, is going to be the next Bachelorette. She will be the first black Bachelorette after more than 30 seasons of the franchise. Which means, if you’re keeping up, that either Corinne, Raven or Vanessa will be engaged to Nick by the end of the season.

Next week: Nick cries more, remains confused about his feelings, the women are still freaking out and someone returns to confront our esteemed Bachelor.

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