This week’s winners and losers


Napheesa Collier brings the ball up during the second half of UConn’s 66-55 win over South Carolina. (Jackson Haigis/The Daily Campus)

With another week in the books, it’s time to take a look at the winners and losers in the wide world of sports. This week, the sports world revolves around UConn basketball.

Winner: UConn Women’s Basketball  

Led by Coach Geno Auriemma, the Huskies powered their way to their 100th consecutive victory Monday night against South Carolina. UConn’s streak is one of the most impressive in sports history, as they won by double digits 98 out of the 100 times that they were victorious.

The streak represents complete dominance within the game for years, with their last loss coming in 2014. Considering how difficult it is to win so many games in a row, UConn’s streak has gone under the radar just a bit. Because of how dominant they have been, people expect them to win each night without question. If nothing else, this shows how great the team has been.

The Huskies’ success has continued through this season despite losing three starting seniors. It can be extremely difficult to maintain relevance over time in college basketball as players leave each year. UConn’s longevity presents the strength of the program and forecasts the team to dominant for years to come. Cue the hashtag #AndCounting.

Winner: Geno Auriemma

UConn legend Geno Auriemma held his hands on his head with a smile as the final seconds ticked off the clock Monday night. Even he could not believe that his team had won 100 games in a row. Before his arrival at UConn, the program did not even have 100 total wins under its belt. Now, UConn is a basketball dynasty, seemingly unable to lose.

Auriemma has not only changed the look of UConn basketball in his tenure, but also the complexion of the school as a whole. The rise of UConn as university is a result of people like Auriemma making the school relevant.

The record he and his team possess will likely never be broken (unless he breaks it with a future Huskies squad). The $100 bills with Geno’s face on them falling from the rafters of Gampel Pavilion following the 100th straight win says it all.

Loser: People Who Think UConn Basketball is Bad For Sports  

Surrounding UConn’s quest for 100 consecutive wins was extensive media coverage. While most of the discussion about the Huskies’ feat was full of awe, some chose to criticize the record as being bad for the sport.

Stephen A. Smith, for instance, expressed that he felt that UConn’s dominance was harming the game on ESPN’s “First Take.” He feels that people are disinterested with the game because of the difficulty to take down UConn.

The reality is that UConn’s success attracts more people to women’s basketball because they are interested in their record. UConn’s 100-game winning streak brings more attention to women’s basketball than there would ever be otherwise. The Huskies’ story is one that people can delve into and enjoy experiencing, live, while it continues.

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