Campus workshop to teach students tips on renting in NYC


For students who enjoy city-living, New York City is a popular post-graduation destination to move to. Cooper & Cooper Real Estate will hold an education workshop at UConn on Feb. 16 aimed at answering questions from UConn students interested in renting an apartment in the “Big Apple.” (Eli Duke/Creative Commons)

Cooper & Cooper Real Estate will hold an educational workshop at the University of Connecticut’s Konover Auditorium in the Dodd Center today, Feb. 16 from 5-6 p.m., aimed at answering questions from students interested in renting in the “Big Apple.”

The workshop program, which began about seven years ago, travels to different schools from New York, to California, to Florida, answering questions and giving insight to students who are interested in acquiring real estate in New York City.

“The program started small and it has grown over the years,” manager and school coordinator at Cooper & Cooper Genevieve Pannel said.

It will be the first time the company visits UConn. The company attempted a visit a few years ago, but it didn’t end up happening, Pannel said.

Cooper & Cooper will give a 45-minute presentation where they will explain and attempt to answer the most common questions from students. At the end, they will open the floor to the audience for specific questions.

Because of the diverse population in colleges, some of the most popular questions are from those who don’t have social security or those whose parents are not in the country, Pannel said.

“I think a lot of time students don’t realize how quickly the timeline is to rent an apartment,” Pannel said.

The presentation gives students insight and real life examples from people who do it every day; something they would probably not get from an online search, Pannel said.

Some of the things students will learn is how far in advance they should be looking for an apartment, as well as information regarding co-signers, guarantors, commuting, roommates and more, Pannel said.

“If you are organized and have all the paperwork in advance and know what you like and what you are looking for, it takes about a day to find a place and the approval times vary from landlord to landlord,” Pannel said.

For students who are worried their student loans might be an issue, Pannel said having debt isn’t necessarily bad as long as they keep up with paying them every month.

“As long as students are paying their loans in time, it’s not an issue because they are building credit,” Pannel said. “Anything that is not negatively affecting their credit will not have an effect on their ability to rent.”

Some popular places that are more affordable in NYC include Upper Manhattan, East Harlem, Washington Heights, Astoria in Queens and some places in Brooklyn, Pannel said.

Students should really consider what they need and what they can afford over their desire to live in the most “hip” place in the city, Pannel said.

In the past year, Cooper & Cooper has visited more than 70 schools with participation varying from 10 to 100 students. The company has visited schools such as Harvard, Cornell, Notre Dame, Maryland, Delaware, Colgate, Trinity College, among others.

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