Tapping the Keg: A review of Gone Off Tabs


“Tapping the Keg” is a weekly review of craft beers brought to you by staff writer Dan Wood.

Gone Off Tabs is a beer created by UConn communications major Steve Bogdan. He plans to develop his brewing ability further before moving on to establish his own business once he graduates. (Dan Wood/The Daily Campus)

This beer should be enjoyed in a tulip beer glass to allow the full aroma to develop. Because it has been aged, it has a very complex flavor. The color of this beer is a soft caramel brown with a thick, uniform cloudiness. The head retention is fairly good and the bubbles are extremely fine and slow moving, smoothing out the body of the beer.

From the nose we can get notes of grapefruit and sweet citrus with a floral background, as well as slight hints of white grape. The top is very different from the nose. Here we are greeted with a warm sweet corn flavor, followed by a deeper floral aroma that gives way to sourdough breadiness in the middle as the dry hop shines through. The finish is very mellow with virtually no bite. Here we get notes of honeysuckle and naval orange to round out this elaborate tasting beer.

Steve Bogdan, the creator of this beer, recommends serving Gone Off Tabs cold in a breathable glass alongside a small plate of assorted sharp cheeses and bread. The bread complements the wheat in the beer while the salty cheeses contrast the beer’s acidity and citrus flavors. This beer is 7 percent ABV and is great to enjoy year-round, but sadly, it is not for sale at this time. Bogdan plans on developing his brewing ability further before moving on to establishing his own business once he graduates from UConn.

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