Drink of the Week: The “I Hate Tequila-Rita”


In honor of National Margarita Day, the drink of the week is a margarita — but without the tequila. This concoction uses Mexican beer and triple sec liquor instead. (Photo courtesy of menstrait.com)

Yesterday was National Margarita Day as I’m sure you knew from the plethora of drink specials and Instagram posts that flooded social media. I hate tequila. It makes my blood boil and my judgment jump ship, so I’m taking the margarita to a happy place without tequila.


-Mexican beer: Modelo, Corona, Dos Equis, etc.

-Triple Sec liquor


-Fruit Juice (optional: cranberry or pineapple)


– Limes or lemons/Sugar (garnish)


1. Fill your glass with ice

2. Fill half-way with the Mexican beer of your choice

3. Add a few dashes of triple-sec to sweeten it up

4. Top off  with limeade, pour into a sugar-rimmed glass and add a lime/lemon wedge or two.

5. (optional: mix in other fruit juices with the limeade for a different twist)


Note: You can add 1 oz. of tequila if you don’t share my aversion. Make sure you buy GOLD tequila– not white– it mixes better with the beer.

Francesca Colturi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at francesca.colturi@uconn.edu.

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