What does UConn mean to me?


A view of UConn from Horsebarn Hill. For most students that’s what they think of when they describe UConn, but for one writer life is a little different. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Many of you probably took the COMM 1000 course during your first year or two, or maybe you’re planning on taking it soon. One of the main projects involves taking two photos around campus to showcase what UConn means to you. The idea is that a picture is worth a thousand words, so there’s no lengthy written component to the project, just two simple pictures.

It seems really easy, and were I not to live 40 minutes away, I think I would have tons of ideas on how to complete the project. But, as it is, I’m only at UConn three days a week; most of my time is spent at home. The memories here include lectures and finding new places to eat my homemade lunch, not really anything special. There have been no club meetings, no romantic trips to Horsebarn Hill and no random rallies I’ve attended. My life isn’t in Storrs, it’s in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut where I work two jobs and volunteer at a local church. That’s my community. So, I’m having a hard time finding two inspirational photos to describe what this college means to me.

I guess that’s one handicap of not living near or on campus. There just aren’t as many experiences. I could take a picture of my fee bill, which is drastically less than it would be if I lived there, but I don’t think my professor would want that. I could take a picture of the Daily Campus, but my TA already expressed doubts about that one. They want something unique, something special. A picture of my salt-ridden car? A picture of the bus I ride every morning? A photo of the library where I sit most days for lunch? Maybe they’d take a picture of the squirrel that stares at me each evening on my way to my final class?

One girl in my class was telling me about the different clubs she’s in and how much they mean to her. She was spouting off ideas like nobody’s business and seemed super excited. She was even trying to narrow down which pictures she could use because she already had so many. But my time here at UConn isn’t really spent in leisure. I don’t really have any exciting, spontaneous memories I can draw upon and capture in a picture. To me, UConn is the place I can escape to from the norm of my small town. It’s the place that will be paving the way for my future. It’s not the place that most of my friends are, and it’s not the place I call home for at least a portion of the year. But I have to find something for those pictures. As to what they will be, I just don’t know yet.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at hannah.desrosiers@uconn.edu.

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