Bachelor Recap: The end of Corinne


Nick narrows the options in this weeks episode of “The Bachelor”. (Screenshot/ABC)

As everyone knows from last week, Andi Dorfman, Nick’s first Bachelor heartbreak, came to have a heart to heart with him, conveniently just before the Rose Ceremony after Hometown Dates. We finally got to see a Rose Ceremony, and Andi coming potentially messed it up for everyone.

“I’m not going to get engaged just because I’m the Bachelor,” Nick tells her.

Andi gets right to the point and asks Nick if he’s planning on having sex with any of the women during the Fantasy Suite dates. They also talked about the regrets they had about their relationship and get a little closure, which is possibly exactly what an emotionally damaged Nick needed.

We’d pretend to be surprised by the results of this Rose Ceremony, but the preview already showed Raven getting a one-on-one, and the ticker across the bottom of the screen revealed that Corinne speaks out about the Bachelor on Good Morning America. ABC clearly does not care about spoilers or our feelings. Rachel keeps getting roses which is so confusing and unnecessary since she’s already been announced as the next Bachelorette.

At long last, Corinne is sent home; her drama could have ended a while ago. She leaves the show whining about wanting a normal relationship, which is ironic considering she made the choice of looking for love on a TV show. We all commend Nick for seeing through her. By process of elimination, this leaves either Raven or Vanessa as Nick’s future fiancé.

The group jets off to Finland, another incredibly obscure destination choice from Nick. Raven gets the first one-on-one date as expected and yhe couple takes a helicopter to a local pub because that is apparently the only way to travel over the icy tundra that is Finland. Nick admits that being with Raven makes him feel crazy, which he says as they play darts. Such a wild and crazy night, these kids need to take it down a notch. They have a very cute, honest conversation about what household duties they’d share and proceed to argue over the best way to iron clothes. Old fashioned iron over steamer, anyone? Later that night, Raven faces her fears and finally tells Nick she loves him, which elicits an invite to the Fantasy Suite. Raven expresses how nervous she is since she’s only ever been with one man before, but happily accepts the key to the room. The episode ends rather abruptly, with some sweet words from Raven and very photoshopped Northern Lights in the background. While this all-about-Raven hour was very uneventful and a bit of a letdown, thankfully, we have the promise of a three-hour Bachelor special, including the Women Tell All episode, on the horizon. We know all the drama and cat fights of the reunion will more than compensate for the lackluster quality of this season so far.

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