Taco Bell’s “Naked Chicken Chalupa” is the quickest way to agitate your stomach


For a limited time only, Taco Bell has added the Naked Chicken Chalupa taco to it’s menu. (Mike Mozart/Creative Commons Flickr)

Have you ever felt that growling in your stomach that comes after you’ve eaten something less than appetizing? That same nauseating feeling hit me within 30 minutes of trying out Taco Bell’s latest creation.

This creation is known as the Naked Chicken Chalupa, which Taco Bell added to its menu in early January. The Naked Chicken Chalupa is a taco with an all-white meat fried chicken shell filled with lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese and an avocado ranch sauce to top it all off. Since the chalupa is only available on the Taco Bell menu for a limited time, I figured I had to try it out for myself before it was gone.

Let’s start with the taste. For starters, it is essentially just like any other taco with chicken in place of a hard shell. In the specific case of the chalupa, the cheese and avocado ranch combined really well, and added to the flavor of the fried chicken shell, so it didn’t taste too bad. Plus, replacing the usual taco shell with a shell of fried chicken added a lot of texture to the meal and extra flavor.

Admittedly, the Naked Chicken Chalupa, priced at $2.99 on its own or $5.00 in a box was actually a very creative idea. I haven’t personally heard of anything like this with regards to Tex-Mex fast food, such as Moe’s or Chipotle. I know something comparable in a lot of burger chains are “ice burgers” in which the buns are replaced with iceberg lettuce. Other than that, I would say that Taco Bell’s creativity with the chalupa shell was nice to see.

However, the one big issue with the Naked Chicken Chalupa is that it really irritates your stomach, which is something that I have experienced at Taco Bell in the past. I even hesitated before trying the chalupa because I was worried about having that terrible nauseating feeling. I ultimately went through with trying it, figuring this experience would be different.

Unfortunately, I was dead wrong.

I don’t know what Taco Bell puts in its food. I can’t say for certain what it is about their food that has caused me issues in the past and agitated my stomach yet again this weekend. Maybe it’s the smell, which radiates throughout a room, I’m not sure. What I can say for certain is that whatever it is had steered me from trying Taco Bell for the last 10 years until I tried the Naked Chicken Chalupa. Trying the chalupa and feeling extremely nauseous within half an hour confirmed my feelings about Taco Bell meals and really hurts their rating in my opinion. I had to go to my local favorite Blaze Pizza just to get rid of the taste in my mouth and stomach.

As for the rating, I have to give Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa no higher than 1.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason it gets that extra half star is because Taco Bell was creative enough to make a fried chicken shell that tastes ok. Given that it can make you that nauseous that quickly, I definitely would not recommend. However, if you’re still looking to try it before it runs out, I wish you the best of luck.  

Chris Hanna is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at christopher.hanna@uconn.edu. He tweets @realchrishanna.

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