Seaton Smith brings infectious energy to SUBOG comedy show


Comedian Seaton Smith performed in the Student Union theater Wednesday, March 1 as a part of SUBOG’s comedy series. He has appeared on well-known comedy shows like “Late Night with Sethy Meyers,” “Inside Amy Schumer” and “The Nightly Show.” (Jordan Richardson/The Daily Campus)

Seaton Smith kept students laughing on Wednesday as SUBOG’s latest comedian to grace the Student Union Theater stage. Smith has appeared on well-known comedy shows like “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” “Inside Amy Schumer” and “The Nightly Show.”

The show opened with student comic Ben Schultz, who started off strong but lost his momentum towards the end of his routine. Schultz made several jokes comparing overly preppy ‘morning people’ to the lethargic but stealthy “night owls.” Schultz often tried to engage with the audience, but was not always successful. Despite this, there were times during his performance where he left the audience laughing long after the punchline.

After Ben Schultz’s performance, Seaton Smith took to the stage. His performance was full of enthusiasm, keeping the audience excited and engaged throughout the entirety of his routine.

Smith opened his show with political humor, jokingly asking a member of the audience who they voted for in the 2016 election. Smith made jokes about Donald Trump, comparing the way Trump lies to the way Obama lied, stating “just lie right so I don’t have to think.” Smith continued to make political commentary throughout his performance, including jokes about Hillary Clinton, the police, gun rights and Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. Much of his political commentary covered complex themes, but Smith had no trouble converting these serious issues into side-slitting humor.

Second-semester chemical engineering major Matthew Oudiz thought Smith’s political humor was a highlight of the show, stating “I thought he had pretty good political commentary, it was well educated but also funny.”

Some of the best jokes from Seaton Smith’s routine came from his interactions with the audience. Those interactions included several couples, who Smith would periodically talk to throughout his performance. Smith would ask these couples varying questions, ranging from how long they had been together to whether or not they would fart in front of one another. With each answer, Smith would improvise a hilarious reply, leaving the audience in near hysterical laughter every time. Smith’s interactions blended smoothly with his stand-up routine, never feeling out of place or forced.

Enya Gabaldon, an eighth-semester psychology and human development and family studies double major and Daniel Sitkovetskiy, a sixth-semester management information systems major, was one of the couples that Smith often interacted with. Gabaldon enjoyed the banter and believed that more comedians should be as interactive as Smith, stating “It was funny answering him, I tried to play along.”

Sitkovetskiy then jokingly added “The fart joke was kind of like an inside thing of ours, so it was kind of surprising that he just saw into her soul.”

SUBOG’s next comedian who will perform in the Student Union Theater on March 22, hopefully bringing as much energy and humor to their performance as Seaton Smith.

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