John Legend and Ariana Grande make a version of ‘Tale as Old as Time’ from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’


Ariana Grande singing in her and John Legend’s version of “Tale as Old as Time” from the Disney class “Beauty and the Beast”.  (screenshot/VEVO)

John Legend and Ariana Grande’s version of “Tale as Old as Time” from the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” was released on March 5 in anticipation for the live-action version later this month.

The ballad is the classic and beautiful theme song of the 1991 animated film and the music video has a warm, romantic and regal feel that was only hinted at during the thrilling trailer.

The music video is set in the ballroom of the Beast’s castle with a grand piano for Legend and a large dance floor for Grande and her backup dancers.

The duet is perfectly matched with two smooth voices, incredible ranges and soft orchestral accompaniment behind Legend’s piano playing.

Grande wears a massive red gown covered in ruffles, without a doubt symbolizing the enchanted rose from the movie, but also less flattering than the dresses of her backup dancers.

Grande would have looked much better and stayed family-friendly in Rihanna’s dress from the 55th Grammys.

The female dancers, also in red, have long skirts that they twirl and flip in sync to resemble the beautiful and ephemeral petals of Grande’s rose.

Legend stays at the piano during the whole video and the two musicians have very little interaction other than harmony since the scene is soon filled with Belle and the Beast’s seamless entrance and dance number.

The lack of interaction between the musicians and the characters is the perfect way to make the scene fit together, like two worlds dancing together and no magic being lost.

Legend’s jacket is reminiscent of a marching band uniform but with a much more elegant and casual feel – not at all like “Black Parade.”

“Harry Potter’s” Emma Watson is Belle in the 2017 adaptation and her Hermione character is not too different from the book-loving Disney princess.

According to USA Today, Watson will not be playing the princess in the live-action version to premiere on March 17.

Also featured in the music video are  “Downton Abbey’s” Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast, the CGI candlestick named Lumiere, voiced by Ewan McGregor and clock Cogsworth, voiced by Ian McKellen.

Their characters, in addition to Chip and Mrs. Potts, are attempts to anthropomorphize inanimate objects and though they are pretty close to “real life” they are definitely not as cute as the wide-eyed cartoon versions from the original movie.

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