Pre-Spring break tips for looking and feeling good


Students Instagrams are probably currently full of throwback beach photos while they wait for spring break.(Jacqueline Devine/The Daily Campus)

In case you haven’t logged on to any form of social media in the last month (or checked your school calendar), let me be the first to inform you that spring break is next week. If, however, you have been on social media then I can only assume your feed has been a conglomerate of posts like “Throwback to Cabo, can’t wait to be here in a week” and “The only thing getting me through this week is knowing I’ll be *here* in a few days.”

For those who have been dieting and working out for the last 4 months to get ready for the week-long darty: skip down to the fashion section because you are way ahead of me. But for those who need a crash course in getting ready for ‘sprang’ break, here’s your guide for looking and feeling good.


Cut down on gluten/dairy/sugar: If you’re going away next week (and you’re going somewhere warm), odds are you are going to want to look your best. Stick to your fruits, veggies and lean proteins this week to avoid bloating. Removing sugar and dairy from your diet will also help improve your skin tone and energy level.

Up your water game: Pretty sure I mention this every week, but you are definitely going to want to stay hydrated going into spring break. Get yourself in the habit of having more than one glass a day so you don’t completely dry out while lying in the sun.

Pack a probiotic, vitamin C, ant-acid, etc… Whenever we go away on vacation, our bodies react differently than they would if we were going about a normal routine. Keep yourself balanced by being sure to pack some remedies for common mishaps such as heartburn, post-plane sniffles and next-day stomach aches.


Try on the clothes you’re planning on packing: You don’t know how last season’s bikini looks nowadays. Try it on now before you fly halfway around the world and realize it’s either too big or too small.

Bring a separate bag for dirty laundry: This is a trick I learned during my semi-annual debate team trips in high school (not kidding, I was actually on a debate team). Bring a bag, even a shopping bag, for your dirty laundry so you don’t mix the used with the clean and wind up making more work for yourself when you get back.

Pack a sweatshirt no matter where you’re going: It might be warm out all day and night but what happens when your hotel roommate likes the room at 60 degrees and you like it at 70 degrees?


Make sure your beauty products are at or below 3.4 oz: If you are checking your bag then you don’t need to worry about this but keep in mind that you cannot keep liquids over 3.4 oz  in your carry-ons.

Pack sunscreen: Odds are you’ll be outside for most of the day. Whether you are on the beach or laying by the pool, the sun’s rays are bound to strike. Especially at the peak hours of the day, avoid risk of getting burnt by packing SPF-something.

Don’t forget hair-elastics, bandages, hand-sanitizer: It’s the little things you forget to pack that you wind up needing the most. Make a checklist before you leave for vacation and keep all the supplies in one place for easy access.

Lastly, make sure you get enough sleep while you’re away (pack some earplugs). Traveling does put a lot of stress on the body as does being in a new place. The beach will be there morning, noon and night so go ahead and get your eight hours. As for me, while you vacationers are soaking up the sun I will be soaking up the BBC series, Sherlock, for the up-teenth time. Safe travels!

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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