Drink of the Week: Sidewalk Slammer


This week’s drink concoction is called Sidewalk Slammer. It’s a quick, two-step process and will only cost you around $6. (Paul Sableman/Creative Commons)

A few years ago my friend Sean Quinn, UConn Class of 2016, showed me an efficient way to drink, both economically and physically.

This concoction actually occurs in steps, but only has two ingredients totaling around $6, depending on the state in which you purchase them.

First is the bottle of malt liquor, often called a “forty” due to its volume of 40 ounces.

You might know this alcohol because it is very inexpensive and perfect for the drinking game “Edward 40-hands” (look it up).

The second ingredient is a 20-ounce can of Four Loko, which is an alcoholic soft drink, with 12 percent alcohol. Try to hunt down the lemonade flavor, because then your mixture will taste like a delicious summer shandy. Four Lokos were rumored to be outlawed, but actually, only the energy drink version of the beverage was banned, probably because it was dangerous…

Anyways, the Sidewalk Slammer, or as I have just starting calling it, the Forty Loko, is a fun and cost-effective way to drink.

The Sidewalk Slammer is perfect for pregames and drinking games since all the magic happens in one container. Just make sure to write your name on the label to keep them straight if your whole squad slams together. Plus if ya’ll drink Sidewalk Slammers on Spring Break, you probably won’t need to buy any over-priced drinks from beach bars or Miami clubs.

Essentially a win-win.

Disclaimer: Drink responsibly!

Only drink ONE Sidewalk Slammer, or else.


-1 Forty of malt liquor

-1 (Lemonade) Four Loko


1. Drink half of the forty. Just do a little dance, take a few gulps and drain that bottle

2. Pour the entire Four Loko into your forty bottle.

3. Gently move the bottle from side to side to mix the drinks together,  

4. Drink the rest!


Francesca Colturi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at francesca.colturi@uconn.edu.

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