UConn Police Department investigating tire vandalizations and thefts


The UConn Police Department recently sent out an email regarding the recent car thefts occurring on campus. The Police and Fire Departments are located adjacent to Northwest Campus across from the Visitor’s Center.  (Olivia Stenger/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut Police Department recently sent out an email informing students of the tire and rim thefts from students’ vehicles that occurred earlier this month.

“Earlier this month, UConn Police took reports of thefts of tires and rims from vehicles, as well as vandalism to vehicles in residential student parking lots. In total, ten vehicles were affected,” according to the email. “Additionally, several other similar incidents have taken place in the town of Mansfield including the theft of a vehicle from an off campus apartment complex. These incidents took place in overnight hours.”

The email stated that UConn Police are actively investigating these crimes and have added additional officers to monitor parking lots and other areas. In addition to these efforts, police are requesting students to report any suspicious activity or crimes in progress to police by dialing 911.

The email also suggested “general crime prevention tips [that] may increase [students’] personal safety” they recommended students to follow.

The tips included always locking a car or scooter and pocketing the key, making sure windows are closed, never leaving valuables in sight, nor important papers or credit cards in a vehicle and parking in well-lit areas whenever possible.

“Crime awareness is an integral component of crime prevention,” the email said. “Knowledge that crimes occur encourages communities to actively participate in crime prevention efforts and, therefore, creates a safer environment for all of us at UConn.”

UConn students noted their belief that the university and its police department are not doing enough to protect its students from the car vandalizations and thefts.

“The email UConn sent out was comical and had nothing to do with how they are working on fixing this issue,” second-semester English major Alexis Angelini said. “The so-called ‘tips’ they gave were ridiculous and not even relevant.”

Angelini also noted her belief that UConn needs to help its students by thoroughly investigating the situation.

“If anything, this is signaling that the security- for parking at least- is insufficient,” Angelini said. “I love our school but this is a situation that should not be taken lightly.”

Information regarding the police department’s commitment to continually enhancing campus safety can be found here, according to the email.

For more information, students can contact Captain Scott Sleeman, the UConn Police Department Operations Commander, at (860) 486 4800.

Gabriella Debenedictis is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at gabriella.debenedictis@uconn.edu.

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