Lazy Boy on Campus: The cure for needing sleep


“Lazy Boy On Campus” is a weekly column on how to embrace laziness while maintaining a jam packed schedule. Easy, right?

A student catching up on sleep in between classes is not an unusual sight on college campuses. The transition from Spring Break back to campus is not an easy one, as the author points out in his weekly ‘Lazy Boy’ column. (Judy/Creative Commons)

Spring Break is the best and worst thing to happen to a lazy person. On one hand you get to sleep and avoid doing anything of real substance. You can basically relax in whatever way you see fit for an entire week. And that’s all super great. The only downside is that eventually you have to come back to reality, and of course for all of us that reality is school. I wrote a column back in November about how we want to avoid destroying any of the habits that we had made during the semester over Thanksgiving break because it could negatively impact how we finish the semester. Unfortunately I was too lazy over spring break and didn’t follow my own advice.

Everything I mentioned in my last column before break I did over break. I explored my town, I went for some walks in the forest and I slept. Those parts all made spring break great. There was just one small problem. Every single day I would go to bed at around three in the morning and wake up at 11:30 a.m. Over break that was all well and good because I had absolutely no responsibility. I could get eight hours of sleep in whatever way worked.

As I’m sure all of you know, once you come back to school that doesn’t work. I’m sure that most of us are up until ungodly hours like two to three in the morning. The difference is that most of us can’t afford to sleep in ‘til 11:30. So instead of getting eight to nine hours of sleep, I’ve only been able to get five to six. One day a week that’s okay, but three days in a row is pushing it.

Now you would think by this time in my UConn career I would have figured out exactly how to pace myself during a break so that I could return all nice and refreshed to class. Spoiler alert: I haven’t. And lack of sleep combined with my normal lazy attitude towards things has made things even worse than normal. For perspective I took a two-hour nap on some random chair in the Student Union. I will take naps throughout the week but never for more than half-an-hour. Also more importantly, I wasn’t planning on taking a nap. Like I sat down in the chair and was doing work. The next thing I knew I woke up to a phone full of Snapchats from friends showing me sprawled out in a way that shouldn’t have been remotely comfortable.

And then of course, once I have a nap, I think I can stay up later because I’m not tired. then when I wake up in the morning, feeling like sh*t and the whole cycle repeats itself. So I’m forced to turn to the one cure for sleep that I always know will work: coffee.

Coffee, or more specifically caffeine, is the fuel of all college students, but following Spring Break it becomes as important as air for me. It is a rather imperfect solution but for now it’s all I got. Also caffeine is easier to get a hold of than sleep. It’s in everything from tea to coffee to hot chocolate and in this windy weather it is the perfect thing to carry with you through campus. The added benefit is that it keeps me from dying in class.

Life after Spring Break is hard, but somehow we all make it through. For me my savior is coffee, but you do you. Do whatever you got to do to make it through these next few days and then you’ll have the weekend to recover. I wish you all good luck.

Amar Batra is a senior staff photographer and opinion’s staff columnist for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email He tweets at @amar_batra19.

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