Remy vs. Nicki: Nicki finally claps back


Nicki Minaj, a Trinidadian-born American rapper, recently found herself in an altercation with Remy, another American rapper. (Photo courtesy of Billboard)

Everything was pretty much quiet in the music business until a certain female rapper opened fire on another female rapper, but it was worth every shot fired. When American rapper Remy Ma released her track “Shether,” it sent ripples in the music industry. At nearly seven minutes, the song is just Ma openly dissing fellow rapper Nicki Minaj.

While most can say the song drop was unexpected, the bad blood between Ma and Minaj had been brewing since all the way back in 2007. Minaj’s release of “Dirty Money” featured a very vague jab at Ma, but this has not been confirmed nor denied. Convinced the shot was fired her way, Ma promised to get Minaj back, despite verbalizing support for Minaj’s success.

In 2008, however, Ma was convicted for attempted murder after shooting a friend over an altercation involving stolen money. She pleaded guilty and served a whole six years in prison until finally getting released in summer 2014.

Three years later, Ma held true to her word. After feeling targeted by certain lines in Minaj’s latest collaborations, “Swalla” with Jason Derulo and “Make Love” with Gucci Mane, she dropped “Shether” and catapulted herself into a full-blown feud with Minaj. Minaj, however, was quiet for the days following the release of the diss track. All we heard from the rapper was a simple Instagram post about Ma’s poor album sales.

At day five, Ma decided she’d had enough waiting for a real response—“Another One” was dropped on March 2, the sequel in the series of Minaj-related disses. Now, it seemed Ma was just itching for a fight.

A full week later, Minaj awoke from passive slumber. She released three brand new singles: “Regret In Your Tears,” “Changed It” with Lil Wayne, and the biggest one of the three, “No Frauds” with Drake and Lil Wayne.

“No Frauds” went straight to No. 1 on iTunes, with the other singles rounding out the rest of the top five within the first day of their release. In the power-packed rebuttal, Minaj digs right back and deeper at Ma, tearing the disses right open and brushing them off. “No Frauds” is one of those songs that clearly has a specific meaning, but still accomplishes to be a hit with very little effort. The features from Drake and Lil Wayne are a little unnecessary but appreciated nonetheless.

The following week all three singles broke into the Billboard Hot 100, making Minaj end Aretha Franklin’s 40-year reign for the most Hot 100 hits of all time from a female artist. By hitting this milestone, Minaj put a cap on whatever feud Ma decided to start with her.

Whoever’s side you’re on, it’s enough to appreciate the heap of new music we got out of this. Unfortunately for Ma, Minaj’s more widespread popularity will continue to keep her out of reach from any disses. Minaj has some pretty thick skin and has only been able to use situations like these to get herself more No. 1 hits (and break a record or two in the process). It’s one thing to get into a catfight, but now we should know not to mess with the queen of the jungle.

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