Gansett Wraps provides a better alternative to grab and go


Gansett Wraps located on Royce Cir. is known for their great food and healthy alternatives. (Photo courtesy to Gansett Wraps)

Do you ever get tired of eating the same old Grab and Go wrap when you want a late night fix? Well, Gansett Wraps might just be the alternative you’re looking for. Located in Storrs Center at 12 Royce Circle, this little sandwich shop makes wraps and subs fresh daily, along with pizzas, soups, salads and more.

(Chris Hanna/The Daily Campus)

(Chris Hanna/The Daily Campus)

I decided to try out Gansett Wraps myself for the first time just this past week, when there was a deal for ordering online on Hungry Huskies. For only $5.99, you could get a pretty sizable wrap of your choice from a selection of wraps, along with a side of a small order of fries. I decided on the buffalo chicken, my personal favorite when it comes to wraps, which was filled with grilled chicken, lettuce tomato, blue cheese and buffalo sauce, all put together in a whole wheat pita bread wrap.

The chicken stood out to me in particular because it was grilled very well and cut up evenly, spread throughout the sandwich. Sometimes with Grab and Go chicken wraps, the chicken might be unevenly cooked and split up into different sized pieces that make the wrap’s contents distributed all over the place, which makes it very easy for the sandwich to fall apart. Although, the pita bread wrap did fall apart a little bit, it was not nearly as bad as with some Grab and Go wraps. Plus, my family almost always uses pita bread at home for various food, so seeing a well-made pita bread wrap at school was a sight to behold.

The lettuce and tomato were chopped up and much like the chicken, spread out evenly to give the wrap a more consistent texture that is appreciated so you can taste all ingredients at all times. Lastly, the textbook combination of blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce with the chicken worked very well and added a nice kick to the wrap. There was a bit of excess buffalo sauce and blue cheese that dripped from the wrap, but that made for a good dipping sauce for the French fries.

Speaking of the fries, Gansett Wraps makes some really good ones. They aren’t very greasy so you don’t feel gross afterwards, but the French fries still maintain an incredible flavor with the perfect amount of crisp. By themselves, the fries were fantastic. With the aforementioned extra dipping sauce, they were even better. That is a combination I highly recommend, especially since Gansett’s fries are some of the best around without the guilty feeling afterward.

The usual price for a standard wrap and fries would be around $11.50, so it isn’t totally cheap as it was on Eat Cheap Week. Nevertheless, Gansett Wraps serves some really good food and is a tastier, and (probably) healthier alternative to Grab and Go, not too far off-campus. I give Gansett Wraps four out of five stars for their buffalo chicken wraps and fries, which were a great late-night fix in place of Grab and Go.

Chris Hanna is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets @realchrishanna.

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