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Sweatpants and chic-sneaks is…… sneaky (haha)

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If you follow me on Instagram then it will come as no shock to you that I love sneakers. For so long I grappled with deciding between boots or ballet flats and often felt like there was no casual middle-ground for me to walk on… or should I say walk in. Then, the sneaker trend came barreling into my life and I have never felt so relieved.

I was just on the phone with my best friend (and member of the fashion industry, I might add) and I said to him, “I think I want to do a post on how to wear sneakers,” and he said, “how many different ways does one wear a sneaker? Don’t you just… put them on?” Thanks for the sass, angel.

We can go ahead and state the obvious: pants, shorts, dresses or skirts (maybe a kilt?) but let’s really get down to the nitty-gritty of sneaker-wear. I’m talking planned outfits for the comfortably chic and the always-on-the-go.

Cropped leggings and an oversized t-shirt: Is this the epitome of freaking comfort or what? This is my morning outfit everyday when the weather is cooperating. Exposed ankles keep my spark alive and the sneakers allow me to walk speedy and cutely.

Loose sweatshirt and joggers: I don’t mean a sleepy-time sweatshirt; I mean the kind that your mother would get mad at you for buying and say, “really, Jacqueline? You’re spending $(insert mometary figure here) on that stupid sweatshirt?” Yes, but look at how vibey it is, mom.

Ripped jeans and a fitted shirt: I am a big believer in contrasts; when one thing is baggy, something else should be fitted and vise versa. Ripped jeans say “I decided not to wear leggings today but I’m not happy about it.”

Something really fancy: I have this red sequin dress that I never get to wear because on a scale from 7 a.m. to Met Gala, it’s probably a 9. I have been fiercely debating whether or not to pair it with sneakers and just go live my life but the jury is still out.

Oh right, everything else: I don’t follow a lot of rules in fashion, mostly because it’s too hard to keep up. But I had a different conversation the other day with that same fashion-friend and we agreed that as long as someone has personal style, they don’t need to worry about trends. In other words, if it looks good then wear it.

P.S. I am a really big advocate of every variation of socks. If it’s cold and you’re feeling your sneaker game then wear tube socks over your pants. Wear really bright socks that draws the eye to your shoes. Don’t feel weird, it’s cute.

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at jacqueline.devine@uconn.edu.

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