Scholarships ensured for National Guard Members


Members of the National Guard are now guaranteed financial aid waivers for in-state tuition. The Ultimate Sacrifice Veterans Memorial is located on the Great Lawn across from Wilbur Cross Library. (Olivia Stenger/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees passed a proposal last week to resolve discrepancies in tuition waivers for National Guard members.

In the past, some discrepancies arose because of language used in fee-based program waivers for veterans, such as for the part-time MBA program and for intersession waivers for veterans.

“Members of the National Guard in good standing have had a very similar waiver to the veteran’s waiver in place for many years,” said Veterans Affairs and Military Programs Director Alyssa Kelleher. “UConn’s commitment to military and veteran students is exceptional, and has been throughout time, but even good things can have room for improvement.”

In interim Provost Jeremy Teitelbaum’s proposal to the board of trustees, he wrote how university policies approved in 1994 and 2013 qualified veteran waivers for fee-bases programs and intersession programs, but did not explicitly include students using the National Guard waiver.

The new policy will be implemented beginning in the May term of 2017.

Kelleher said that there was not a significant number of students complaining about not being able to use the National Guard waiver in the summer. However, she said that since the proposal was announced, a few students said they were pleased they could now take classes in the summer.

She also said that many student veterans are often older than a “traditional” college student and may have a full-time job, a spouse or children, and may even still be serving. Being able to take intersession courses is helpful for veterans.

“UConn’s continued willingness to support student veterans is just one of many ways they contribute to a culture that values diversity, both in the classroom and as part of the campus community as a whole,” Kelleher said.

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