SUBOG holds ‘4 The Kulture’ event featuring Anoyd


Students and up-and-coming rappers participate in a rap battle during SUBOG’s ‘4 The Kulture’ event in the Student Union Ballroom on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. (Shyam Patel/The Daily Campus)

One of Connecticut’s upcoming rapper from Bloomfield, Anoyd, performed in front of 200 plus students during the 4 The Kulture event in the Student Union Ballroom with DJ Meechie, alongside student-rappers.

The night began with a Q&A from panelists, which included DJ Meechie, Anoyd, Anthony Valentine, Tia Long and DJ Kenedie. After being asked who he was and where he was from, it was time for Anoyd to answer. He said, “First of all I’m from Bloomfield,” as the crowd roared. “I’m nobody. I’m a rapper I guess. You know I’m humble, man. All I do is give my heart out when I sing for ya’ll. I’m nobody.”

As more questions were asked, the crowd was able to get to know each panelist on a more intimate level.

When asked what keeps her motivated, Tia Long, a journalist for Power Circle said, “As you can see, I’m the only female on this panel. My job is to show women that it’s very possible to be in a male-dominated industry. What keeps me going is to see that my work has impacted people no matter if it’s just three or four people that contact me.”

Anoyd responded to a question about where he sees himself in the future, and he said on people’s list of top five rappers of all time, and that he would have “four or five albums in already doing big tours.”

“The Jay Z’s and Nas’s of the world saw themselves on people’s top 5 forever and that’s how they made it,” he said.

Tia Long, a journalist for Power Circle, talks with students about being a female music journalist in a male dominated world during SUBOG's '4 The Kulture' event on Tuesday evening. (Shyam Patel/The Daily Campus) 

Tia Long, a journalist for Power Circle, talks with students about being a female music journalist in a male dominated world during SUBOG’s ‘4 The Kulture’ event on Tuesday evening. (Shyam Patel/The Daily Campus) 

On the topic of how he came up with his stage name, he said “I was in my room one day and I was thinking about what my rapper name would be. I had a corny name, which was A-rizzy. I was like when I get to 30 I don’t wanna have people say that. So I kept thinking and Anoyd stuck to me. At the time I was annoyed with the way the world was and music was, so it was perfect. I wanted something different that no one else would have.”

Following this was a DJ faceoff featuring DJ Meechie and DJ Kenedie, where the crowd enjoyed a lot of their throwback and modern-day mashups with various beat changes. During this, the crowd was filled with energy, including Anoyd who watched and continuously danced all the way through with those sitting next to him.

After this was a rap battle. Anthony Valentine, one of the event coordinators and creator of Kulture magazine, took the mic and recruited members of the crowd to participate.

He spit bars first, and then handed the mic over to the other participants. This amped up everyone in the room more, preparing them for the most exciting part of the night: the performances.

First was Leroy, also known as Scoota, who performed songs he made including “For The Summer” featuring Vari and Richy, which can be found on Soundcloud.

Following this energetic performance was Natey G, rapping his songs from his mixtape titled “Golden Eye.” His songs and music videos can be found on Youtube.

Last but surely not least was Anoyd. Full of energy, passion and love for what he does, he delivered a powerful performance of several different songs off of his previous projects including “Autumn in Sinsinati” and “Once in a Brgndi Moon.”

He also performed his single “Liquor Stains,” which features Chris Webby, another famous local rapper.

To treat UConn, he also performed a new song from his album which will be released on April 18, titled “A Time and Place.”

The 4 the Kulture event defined what “doing it for the culture” is, which is showcasing talents, embracing roots and the genre that is hip-hop, and finding your way in this world alongside those who support you.

Gabrielle Ferrell is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at

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