Adult Swim’s sci-fi smash hit, “Rick and Morty” returns


The April Fool’s stunt may have fooled you but make no mistake now, Rick and Morty are indeed, back.

“Rick and Morty” has become an absolute sensation since its original air of the pilot episode in Dec. 2013 as a part of Cartoon Network’s late night program, Adult Swim. Rick is an alcoholic, sociopathic, mad scientist of sorts that suddenly reappears in his daughter’s life after being gone for over 20 years. Moving into his daughter Beth’s house with her family of four, Rick spends most of his time making gadgets and other inventions in what was the family’s garage. Rick often gets into trouble and uses his scientific knowledge and wit to get him out of some tight places. Due to Rick’s brilliance, he has many enemies throughout space and time that often cause trouble for Rick and his grandson-turned-sidekick, Morty.

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, “Rick and Morty” had some unusual beginnings that you might still be able to dig up from the depths of YouTube but be warned: if those videos have not been removed yet and the miracle remains that they bypassed YouTube’s strict censorship policy, they are very graphic and crude and are more of a bad drawing than the beginnings of brilliance. If you find these amateur animations, you would probably be hard pressed to guess that this cartoon would go on to receive a 9.3/10 from IMDB and 100% from Rotten Tomatoes.  

Immediately loved by most of the animating and artistic community, the “Rick and Morty” second season was highly anticipated and adequately hyped by Adult Swim. After its conclusion over a year ago, season three is finally here and Adult Swim chose the perfect time to release it. Leading up to the reveal with little bumps about fake intergalactic health insurance being offered to humans scattered about social media and the internet, Adult Swim decided it would be a great idea to release Rick and Morty season three on April Fools’ Day, further frustrating fans that thought they were too smart and ended up ignoring the media attention on the first. In reality this was the real release of season three.

At the end of season two we left Rick and the Smith family in a bit of a tight spot that Rick managed to fix by giving himself up to the galactic federation, which ultimately lead to his incarceration with a life sentence. Based on the new episode, it doesn’t seem like things will be looking up any time soon.

Seemingly introduced into a different story altogether, we rejoin Rick at a restaurant in what appears to be a normal day on Earth, to quickly discover his past memories are being sifted through by the galactic federation prison in search of the design plans for his famous portal gun that allows him to travel through different dimensions. Back on earth, we follow the Smith family’s antics and reactions to the newly induced Earth into the galactic federation and the fact that Rick is missing.

Season three looks incredibly promising and picks up right where we left off so fans were more than happy to see where things are headed. Also, if you have been paying any attention to certain communities on the Internet, you might have noticed an association with Rick and McDonalds’ discontinued Szechuan sauce. I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen the new episodes yet but there are grumblings that McDonald’s might be working on a response for Rick Sanchez.

Currently the next air date for episode two of season three has yet to be announced, but Adult Swim does offer a live stream of fan favorite ‘Rick and Morty’ episodes on a loop that contains the new episode but will most likely be removed soon. Adult Swim has been pretty good at keeping their new content under wraps. You would have to dig very deep to find these episodes on unlicensed sites but most say they are not out there.

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