The Maine Releases 6th studio album ‘Lovely Little Lonely’


The Maine released their sixth studio album, ‘Lovely Little Lonely,’ on April 7. (Photo courtesy of Billboard)

Ten years ago five boys from Arizona made their debut onto the music scene by releasing demos on MySpace while still getting through high school. Today they’ve reached world-wide success and have released their sixth studio album “Lovely Little Lonely.”

A band like The Maine is rare to find these days.

After signing with major label Warner Bros Records in 2009 their sound drastically changed in their sophomore album “Black & White” compared to “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” straying away from their pop-ish sound and delving more into the rock.  This experimentation of sounds would continue to happen, following after with album “Pioneer,” that became a testament of the bands will to always remain true to them.

That album, and all those released afterwards (“Forever Halloween,” “American Candy” and “Lovely Little Lonely”), were produced independently after they left Warner Brothers to run their own label called 8123.

Subsequently, 8123 also became synonymous for the bands following and admiration to their fan base. In honor of their 10-year anniversary as a band they put together the 8123 Festival in their home state, which attracted thousands of fans from all over the world.

In 2015, they held a “Free for All” tour as a thank you to all their fans for supporting them, and continue to have free meet-and-greets after every show they play.

“Lovely Little Lonely” was released on April 7 and is a 12-track album best listened to in order of start to finish. Frontman John O’Callaghan told PopCrush in an interview “it feels like the new record is the most important record we’ve made. I think it’s our best record.”

Like every album they have put out within the last decade, each has its own distinct sound and story. The band has grown up with their fans and in doing so revealed the many multiplicities of who they are as individual people and musicians.

It’s not quite clear whether the songs on “Love Little Lonely” come from a place of love or loss. Is it reminiscent of a current relationship, or nostalgia of the one who got away? This sense of unease, however, makes the album only more intoxicating, an interpretation open to the listener.

The first track “Don’t Come Down,” has the familiarity of a feel-good song as prominent on the albums predecessor “American Candy.”  It’s the kind of song you drive around to in the middle of the summer, windows down, and volume high. The first single “Bad Behavior,” follows next to continue that vibe.

Each word in the album title appears on the record as transitions leading you into the next song and establishing the shift in mood.

Songs like “Taxi” show off Callaghan’s charming voice, which will send shivers down your spine as he harmonizes, “And you know I never knew how much I was getting into” and “I can’t say that I can make your feel complete or free from your worry, but believe me when I tell you, ‘Babe, you’ll never be lonely.”

Other songs like “The Sound of Reverie,” “Lost in Nostalgia” and “I Only Wanna Talk to You” are calmer, but still draw you in with their lyrics and its catchiness.

“Lovely Little Lonely” takes you on a roller coaster ride through happiness and sadness, and lifting you back up with the final track “How Do You Feel.” The Maine somehow always know exactly the right order to place songs, this one being the perfect ending.

The band is currently on tour promoting the album, making stops in New York on April 27 and Boston on April 28.

The Maine has proven once more that they are unstoppable. There’s a genuine feel on every song, and every album they craft that serves as a reminder of how far they have come and without a doubt how far they’ll continue to go.

Angie DeRosa is the life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at  She tweets @theangiederosa.

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