What to do before graduation, students discuss their last semester


The UConn Bookstore apparently has a limited supply of certain sizes of caps and gowns for graduating Seniors. (Tyler Benton/The Daily Campus)

As the 2017 UConn commencement approaches, students must do a number of things to prepare for their graduation.

First, students must make sure they have applied to graduation, as well as had their final plan of study approved. These should have been completed by the fourth week of the semester. The Degree Audit Office handles any questions about unapproved plans of study.

After the paperwork is completed, students then must buy their regalia (their caps and gowns) and pick up their commencement tickets.

Some of the gown sizes and tassels were out of stock at the Bookstore.

This year, students were able to order their regalia online before the beginning of April and then pick them up in store.

Len Oser, the general manager of the UConn Bookstore, said less students ordered the regalia online than expected. The unexpected surplus will be sent back to the campus bookstores to restock the empty shelves on Thursday.

Joey Janice, an eighth-semester applied resource economics student, attempted to pick up his gown on Tuesday only to find his specific tassel was out of stock.

“It’s kind of a bummer, because I only come to campus twice a week,” Janice said.

Janice said he only commutes from 10 minutes away, but it would have been convenient to only make one trip.

Nyanka Joseph, a master’s in public policy graduate student, was able to find the gown and tassels she needed, but was disappointed in the price. Joseph said between her cap and gown, hood and tassel, her regalia cost more than $70.

Joseph said some of her friends had recently driven up from the Hartford campus to buy their regalia because they preferred to purchase it in person. They arrived only to find some of the sizes sold out.

Oser said the amount of the sizes of gowns sold varies every year, depending on whether it is a tall graduating class, or a short graduating class.

Oser said the prices are similar to last year’s Co-op prices. The only notable change has been the gown color from black to blue, a change the commencement committee requested.

Regalia and tickets are available at the Bookstore until graduation day. The tickets are distributed during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Students must purchase their caps, gowns and tassels before picking up their tickets. A valid receipt for the regalia will be needed to get tickets. The number of tickets received depends on the student’s college.

Claire Galvin is a senior staff writer for The Daily Campus.   She can be reached via email at claire.galvin@uconn.edu.

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